Brain Boosting Advent Calendar Ideas

Brain Boosting Advent Calendar Ideas

Updated for 2020! Each year the stores are lined with a variety of advent calendars. What most have in common, however, is that they involve chocolate. Each day you open a little door to discover a lovely piece of candy. The kids eat it and the moment is over. This year why not try something … [Read more…]

Fall in Love with Learning: 10 Must Do Fall Learning Activities

Fall Learning Activities

Fall is definitely my favorite season. It’s full of vibrant colors, delectable smells and exciting activities and events. Fall is also full of opportunities to learn and grow. Every trip to the farm, every apple pie you bake and even every time your child puts on a costume is a teachable moment. Children long to … [Read more…]

Full STEAM Ahead with Creativity Cans

Creativity Can

In full disclosure, we were provided the Creativity Cans from Creativity for Kids in exchange for our honest review. We have heard the term STEM to distinguish Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; however, many educators promote incorporating Art into this mix for a new term and philosophy called STEAM.  With the incorporation of Art, we take STEM … [Read more…]