Season of Giveaways 2017: Creativity for Kids Bundle

Mommy University is excited to partner with Creativity for Kids to bring you this exciting holiday giveaway!

As I unpack Christmas ornaments, I pull out for the third year snow globes the kids had made thanks to a craft kit from Creativity for Kids. The snow globes have become a staple decoration as I place them on table surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Creativity for Kids makes affordable kits utilizing different craft techniques ranging from card making to sewing to jewelry.

Make Your Own Holiday Globes

In fact, I look to Creativity for Kids kits as party favors in my children’s birthday party as well as gifts. Their kits may focus on a popular trend which is attractive to children to tweens, but they also help promote new artistic skills and encourage their imagination. Some of the kits are perfect to use for playdates while others are better suited for one individual to work. Here are some great kits you may want to consider this holiday season!

Calming Swirl Charms 

CFK Calming Swirl Charms 2

Do you have a magical child? Maybe one who is inspired by fairies? The Calming Swirl Charms makes a great arts and crafts project for them. Recommended for children ages 5 and older, they can make up to 5 different charms which can be attached to a necklace or backpacks. Priced at $15 on Amazon, the swirl charms are relaxing for children to swirl!

Deluxe Easy Weave Fleece Blanket Making Kit

The easy weave fleece blanket is a kit that I am so excited for my daughter to play with! It doesn’t require sewing so I am prepared to help with this project. This kit has everything from the blanket base, 50 pre-cut fleece pieces, pom pom and tassel tool to a “Made by Me” tag. Recommended for children ages 7 and older, it is priced on Amazon for $27.

Emoji Bracelets

CFK Emoji Bracelets

This project is perfect for fine motor skills and expressing themselves with modern designs. Children can make bracelets for themselves, their friends or to share. They can also make different bracelets to coordinate with their outfits. At less than $13 on Amazon, these are fun way for friends to get together to make friendship bracelets.

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit

The Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit is an opportunity for children to express themselves in a positive way and then share that uplifting message with others. After they paint rocks, they can hide them in their community to brighten someone else’s day. The Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit is available on Amazon for less than $25 and includes all the supplies needed to participate in this project. Although the set is designed for children 6 and older, my daughter loved getting involved in this project.

Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry Kit

CFK Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry

The Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry set has all the necessary tools needed to make 3 necklaces, 2 rings, 2 pins and a pair of earrings. Designed for children ages 8 and older, this kit has a cool STEAM quality as the first step involves growing your own crystals! It certainly offers a unique and fun multi-step project. Priced on Amazon for $15 the Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry is great when a few friends are visiting!

Grow N’ Glow Terrarium

While the weather might be getting chilly, take that gardening thumb indoors to grow a tiny habitat in a mason jar with the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium. Intended for children ages 6 and older, this kit includes all that is needed such as chia and wheat grass seeds, sand, figurines, river stones and a plant mister. Kids can explore science and gardening as well as their creativity with this kit. On Amazon, the Grow N’ Glow Terrarium is priced at $20.

This giveaway has ended. Please check out our other brain boosting giveaways.
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  1. Chantae

    My 13 year old daughter would be most interested in weaving the blanket because she likes to sew. My 11 year old girl would love to paint rocks because she is a rock collector. These activities would be great for them because they are very creative girls!

  2. Diane Richards

    My niece would love the snow globe. She made a fish one from another Creativity for Kids kits and gave it to her dad (my brother in law) and really enjoyed it. She loves that Daddy keeps it on his desk and cherishes, it, too :)

    Incredible giveaway. Thank you for hosting.

  3. Ashley M

    My daughter would be most excited about the emoji bracelets. She is currently obsessed with everything emoji 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Chely frantzen

    My kids collect rocks, they would love the rock painting kit! But the emoji bracelet kit would also be a favorite!

  5. Bethany Suire

    MY little boy would absolutely love playing with the Rock Painting Kit! He’s very artistic and loves playing with paint. It also really helps with his sensory disorder associated with his Autism.

  6. Audra O'Hara

    My daughter would like the hide & seek rock painting kit. She’s painted rocks at school and thought it was a lot of fun.

  7. Maria Beas

    My daughter would love to play with the AMAZING Deluxe Easy Weave Fleece Blanket Making Kit. Specially with the Pom Pom make some decorations for her blankets. Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Holidays.

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