50+ Ways to Keep Kids Learning ALL Summer Long

Yay!! It’s finally summer break! It’s time to play and explore, but it can also be a time to learn. Although workbooks, tutoring sessions, and flash cards are great ways for kids to maintain their skills over the summer break, there are many hands-on adventures that can offer kids the chance to learn all summer long. The best part is that they will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize they are learning. Here are some fun ways to keep the learning alive this summer!

50+ Ways to Keep Kids Learning ALL Summer Long

Visit a zoo

Take a road trip

Go for a hike

Visit an aquarium

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland

Go camping

Sign up for summer camp

Try a new sport

Start a new hobby

Visit a nature center

Take a cooking class

Chef It Up Measuring

Join a summer reading program

Write letters and words in the sand

Visit a farm

Color and draw with sidewalk chalk

Learn to play an instrument

Playing Trumpet

Keep a journal

Visit the beach

Plant flowers or vegetables

Learn how to play Chess

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Explore a ropes course


Join Scouts

Go on a scavenger hunt

Play I Spy

Read to a dog

read to a dog

Make a bird feeder

Write a story or play

Visit a historic site

Visit a museum


Learn how to swim or join a swim team

Take an art class

Write a comic book

Paint rocks and place them around town

Painted Rocks

Do a science experiment

Make your own movie

Build a sand castle

Create your own board game

Make a sensory path

Sensory Pathway

Go geocaching

Build, create, and play with Lego bricks (or any building toy)

Make paper airplanes

Catch fireflies

Make your own jewelry

Visit a playground

Built a fort (inside or outside)

Outdoor Shelter

Watch GoNoodle

Plan an SEL game

Learn how to be a Disney Imagineer

Visit a State and/or National Park

Make a rainmaker

Put together a kit from Lowe’s or Home Depot

Home Depot Workshop

Go bowling

Make an obstacle course

Play with balloons

Make your own nature trail

Build a pond

Go crabbing


What fun ways are your kids learning this summer? Put your ideas in the comment section below. If you try any of our ideas, feel free to tag Mommy University in your social media posts!

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