Easter Basket Gift Guide 2020

We are so excited to partner with the following brain boosting toy companies to bring you this year’s Easter Basket Gift Guide: Miniland, Faber-Castell, Little Kids Inc., Green Toys, Thames and Cosmos, Magformers, Wild Republic, Fluffy Cloudz and MindWare.

At Mommy University, we believe that everything our children play with should enhance development and aid in positive academic growth. This Easter why not fill their baskets with fun and educational goodies the kids will not only love but learn from?

For this guide, we will provide 5 themed Easter basket ideas. Each theme will promote growth and development in certain areas. Under each theme we will provide several suggestions of what to put in your child’s basket. Amazon affiliate links are included to help make your shopping experience easier. We believe there is something for everyone on this list. So have fun making a themed basket or mix and match different ideas! Either way you will be happy knowing you provided Easter goodies that will have a positive impact on your child’s development and academic success.

5 Brain Boosting Themed Easter Baskets

Arts and Crafts

Our first basket will focus on our love of art. Introducing kids to art helps them enhance creativity, boost fine motor skills, increase visual-spatial awareness, and let’s face it, it’s fun! Here are some brain boosting arts and crafts suggestions for this basket:

Little Kids Inc. Design a PEEP

Design a PEEPGet creative this Easter season by letting the kids design their own PEEP! Each kit comes with one white chick or bunny and 4 markers. This offers them hours of fun while building fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. Design a PEEP can be purchased for under $6 online.

Creativity for Kids Mini Gardens
Dinosaur Min Garden

My son recently made a Dinosaur Mini Garden and LOVED it! Now we are watching patiently waiting for the plants to sprout. Each mini garden set comes with an egg-shaped container and decorative stickers, dirt, seeds, colorful sand and characters, and there are 3 designs to choose from: dinosaur, unicorn and mermaid. Putting together the garden helps kids learn scientific concepts while being creative and artistic. The Mini Gardens can be found on Amazon for under $15.

Creativity for Kids Big Gem Diamond Painting Kit

Big GemsI absolutely LOVE this art set. There are 4 versions to choose from: Woodland Creatures (pictured above), Sea Friends, Sweets, and Magical. Each contains 12 sticker and 2 suncatchers to decorate. The kit uses wax to adhere gems onto the stickers and suncatchers. This kit is great for boys and girls as it encourages creativity while building important fine and visual motor skills. Big Gem kits can be found on Amazon for under $15.

Faber-Castell Coloring with Clay Unicorn

Coloring with Clay UnicornThe Coloring with Clay set from Faber Castell is a great sensory kit that encourages children to shape, mold, and push clay into a canvas. I love this set because it builds hand strength as well as fine motor skills. Priced for less than $15 on Amazon it includes enough clay to decorate four canvases. If this set doesn’t fit your child’s style, check out the Safari set.

Creativity for Kids Finger Looping Bunny Finger Looping

Knitting is an amazing skill that improves visual spatial skills, fine motor skills and math skills. Finger looping is the perfect way to introduce children which is why the Creativity for Kids new kit Finger Looping Bunny is a wonderful centerpiece for the Easter basket. Not only will children develop a new hobby but they will make an adorable bunny to hug! Priced for less than $15 on Amazon it is recommended for children ages 7 and older.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Chalk Collage

Sidewalk chalk offers so many benefits such as enhancing fine motor skills, increasing academic knowledge and encouraging an appreciation of art. This season, explore the benefits of sidewalk chalk with your children by using the Crayola line, Special Effects! It takes everyday chalk and adds even more spark and creativity. Available in Tie Dye, Neon, Glitter and Color Core, this chalk will offer new and unique ways to color and create! Neon, Glitter and Tie Dye can all be found on the Crayola website and Amazon.

My Colorful Life Journal (Peaceable Kingdom)
My Colorful Life JournalIf your child loves the art world and self expression, then My Colorful Life Journal will make a nice addition to the basket this year. With prompted 78 pages, children can fill in activities that help them build patience, resilience, and a space to work or doodle through their emotion. Priced for less than $15 on the MindWare website, this journal is designed for children ages 7 and older.


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Sensory Learning

Children learn best by engaging all their senses. This is especially true for little ones. Children with special needs also thrive on sensory based learning and discovery. In this themed basket, we have come up with some brain boosting suggestions to help stimulate all the senses:

Sensy Band (Mindware)

Sensy Band

I absolutely LOVE the Sensory Genius line from MindWare especially the Sensy Band. The band offers tactile input as it has soft silicone bristles on both sides. The band can be used in a variety of ways to provide tactile input, decrease anxiety and increase focus. It can be “slapped” onto your wrist, unrolled and rolled back up, left open on a desk and worn on your wrist. The Sensy Band is under $6 on the MindWare website and Amazon.

Little Kids Inc. Bubbles

Little Kids Bubbles

Did you know that bubbles are wonderful sensory-based learning tools that boost language development and visual scanning skills? Fubbles Bubbles are no-spill bubble containers that are perfect for spring and summer.  They come in mini, regular size and the bucket. Little Kids Inc. also offers PEEPS Bubbles products which are perfect for your kids’ Easter baskets. On-the-Go Jelly Belly bubbles are another great Easter gift that lets kids bring the sensory fun everywhere. Shaped like the iconic jelly bean, these scented bubbles engages all the senses while playing. Kids can also engage all their senses with scented Jelly Belly bubbles that come in 6 ounce bottles. They can be found in cherry, berry and green apple.

Bunny Bubble Machine

Little Kids Inc. is also offering an adorable Bunny Bubble machine! Kids can play for hours popping bubbles inside or outside. It is available in 3 spring colors: pink, purple and teal. The Bunny Bubble machine can be purchased online for only $6.

Fluffy Cloudz

Fluffy Cloudz

Fluffy Cloudz is one of my absolute favorite sensory products. My students love it as it offers the perfect amount of tactile input. It is scented so kids get even more sensory feedback. This Easter brighten up their basket by adding Fluffy Cloudz which comes in a variety of colors and amazing scents. Fluffy Cloudz can be found at Walmart.

Little Kids Inc. Easter Sqortz

Little Kids Squortz

Throw, squish, splat and play! Kids will LOVE playing with Easter Sqortz from Little Kids Inc. These adorable squishy toys will have kids laughing all day as they play. Sqortz comes in 3 designs: chick, bunny and lamb. Sqortz can be purchased online for only $3!

Little Kids Inc. Super Grow Skwisheez

Little Kids Squisheez

Grow, squeeze and play with the new Super Grow Skwisheez from Little Kids Inc.! They are perfect for any child’s Easter basket as each one offers tactile feedback. Skwisheez comes in 3 adorable designs: chick, bunny and lamb. They can be purchased online for only $5!

Miniland Mindful Kids

Miniland mindful kids

Mindful Kids is a wonderful game for children ages 2-7 years old to help enhance self-awareness. While playing, children are also increasing motor skills, coordination, vocabulary and social skills. Mindful Kids is a great way to get kids ready for learning in the morning or to wind down before bed. It offers 36 mindfulness activities using 4 themes: conscious breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga and meditation. Mindful Kids can be purchased at Michaels and Amazon for under $50.

Sequin Pets

Mini Sequin Pets CFK

We are big fans of the Sequin Pets from Creativity for Kids. Each pet offers a multi-sensory experience that kids enjoy like movable sequins, soft texture and weighted bottom. Sequin Pets are perfect for kids who require tactile input during the day in order to decrease anxiety and overstimulation. Sparkles the Unicorn is the larger version while there are several options for the minis such as Twinkles the Elephant, Dazzle the Dinosaur and Hope the Hippo. Sparkles is under $20 on Amazon while the minis are under $10.

Crayola Silly Putty

Crayola Silly Putty

Instead of chocolate or plastic eggs this Easter, surprise the kids with Silly Putty Bigg Eggs from Crayola! Kids will have blast engaging all their senses as they play with this super stretchy, super fun putty. Crayola Silly Putty provides great tactile input while also encouraging pretend and creative play. The putty never dries out so it allows for hours of fun. Crayola Silly Putty comes in a variety of colors, scents and sizes and sells for under $7 on the Crayola website and Amazon!

Putty Scents (Mindware)


MindWare has released a collection that engages all the senses! Putty Scents come in tins in a variety of sizes and scents. Each one offers tactile sensory input and can enhance fine motor skills. Each year MindWare releases new scents that appeal to children including the Ice Cream Parlor trio set which is $11. There is also the fun mash-ups which enable children to mix  up different textures and scents for $10 on the MindWare website.

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Academic/Cognitive Development

What would a Mommy University list be without academics and cognitive development? Cognitive development is so important and essential for academic success. Here are some brain boosting Easter basket ideas that help build cognitive skills such as spatial awareness, visual-discrimination and problem solving as well as help increase academic skills such as math, writing, reading and more.

CREATTO Light of Crafting Kits


Thames and Kosmos is well-known for their amazing science kits so it is no surprise that they have released a fun building set that teaches kids STEAM concepts. The interlocking building tiles are flexible and durable making them perfect for builders ages 9 and up. Each kit comes with instructions for 4 different creations but kids can also use their imaginations to make their own designs. Each set comes with LED lights and USB cable. Kits include Shark & Ocean Pals and Unicorns & Friends, and they can be found for under $30 on Amazon.

Green Toys Stacking Cups

Stacking Cups

Kids innately love to stack things. Instead of having them rummaging through your kitchen cabinets, give them Stacking Cups from Green Toys. The set comes with 6 graduated cups that offers endless opportunities for learning through play. Not only do kids learn basic concepts such as counting and colors, but they also build fine motor, visual motor and problem solving skills. The cups are recommended for ages 6 months and up and can be found on Amazon for under $10.



Kids will enhance cognitive development as well as an understanding of STEAM concepts while building and playing with Stick-O-City. Children ages 3 and up can build cars, planes, racers and more with this unique 16-piece set. Each set comes with 1 sphere, 2 sticks, 3 long sticks and magnetic accessories such as propellers, wings and tires. Stick-O-City can be found on Amazon.

Dig It Up! Single Mineral Egg (MindWare)

Dig It Up Big Egg

Do you want to keep kids engaged and having fun while learning about cool dinosaurs? As part of the popular Dig It Up! Series where children are excavating creatures, The Big Egg comes with two chisels where one or two children can discover seven unique dinosaurs. This awesome set is priced at $20 on the MindWare website, which makes it a great Easter Basket feature.

Pencil Pushers (MindWare)

MindWare Pencil Pushers

If your kid fidgets in school or at home while doing homework, then Pencil Pushers is for you! Each set comes with 3 brightly colored pencil toppers that offer tactile input and opportunities to fidget. Each Pencil Pusher also encourages fine motor manipulation which helps enhance skills in that area. Pencil Pushers can be purchased for under $5 on the MindWare website as well as on Amazon.

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Game Time

Let’s have some brain building fun this Easter with some amazing games. Games help enhance a variety of skills such as problem solving, cooperative play, spatial awareness, turn taking and more. Here are some games the kids will love this Easter.

Goliath Jumping Jack

Goliath Jumping Jack

How cute is this game? It is perfect to celebrate Easter too! Jumping Jack is recommended for ages 4+ and can be played with 2-4 people. Each player spins the spinner to see how many carrots they have to pull from Jack’s bunny hill. One carrot will make Jack jump but no one knows which carrot that will be making the game new and exciting each time you play! This is a fun game that helps enhance fine and visual motor skills as well as cause and effect. Jumping Jack can be purchased on Amazon for under $20.

Tic-Tac-Surprise Dinosaurs and Dragons (Peaceable Kingdom)

Tic Tac Surprise Dinosaurs

A twist on the classic Tic-Tac-Toe, Peaceable Kingdom launched Tic-Tac-Surprise Dinosaurs and Dragons! Young children will appreciate that it is a quick and easy game that teaches turn-taking skills as well as strategy. What makes this game unique is that if the you draw a wild card, you can steal your opponent’s space! Designed for children ages 5 and older, this fun game is priced for less than $7 on the MindWare website. The dinosaur enthusiast will love this game placed inside their Easter Basket.

Go Fish, You Wish (Peaceable Kingdom) 

Go Fish You Wish

While everyone may be familiar with the game Go Fish, Go Fish, You Wish has a fun twist that will make this not only easy to learn but the perfect addition for game night. With 48 playing cards, 4-6 people can be dealt into the game. When a player gets the You Wish card, they will be able to grab cards from another player. Priced for less than $8 on the MindWare website, it is a fun addition to your child’s basket.

Meltdown by PlayMonster


We absolutely LOVE this game in our house. It’s an easy game to play but offers hours of fun and learning. To play, you set up a glob of slime on the top of the container. Then place a plastic piece on top of the slime. Players take turns placing blocks on the plastic piece. As the slime moves, the blocks begin to topple. The first person to safely put all their blocks on top WINS! This game is great for enhancing fine motor, motor planning, problem solving, and spatial awareness skills. Meltdown can be found on Amazon for under $10.



Kids will enhance their visual motor and fine motor skills by playing with the new and exciting Coilz. You can bounce it, roll it, flick it and toss it. The play possibilities are endless. Coilz offers over 10 challenging games but kids can also make up their own. Series 1 offers 50 Coilz to collect, and they can be purchased in a starter pack, super pack or Coilz Cup.

North Star Games Funky Chicken

North Star Games - Funky Chicken (1)

Funky Chicken is part of the Happy Planet series games from North Star Games that encourages the whole family to get involved and move their body while laughing. Cards invite players to perform different dance moves and it’s easy to get individuals of different levels involved. Recommended for ages 6 and up, each game lasts about two minutes so this game moves at a pace that keeps everyone’s attention. Funky Chicken can be purchased for under $20 on Amazon.

Spanish Bingo (Peaceable Kingdom)


Bingo! There is nothing like a game that the whole family can play and children can learn. Peaceable Kingdom has brought to life a new twist on Bingo as children ages 5 and older can add to their growing Spanish skills. With 6 double sided playing boards, 50 word tokens, and 72 chips, there will be a lot of fun at family game night. Priced for less than $14 on MindWare’s website, this is a great game for the basket this year.

Triumph of the Temple (MindWare)

Triumph of the Temple MindWare

Older kids might enjoy a strategy game that highlights history with Triumph of the Temple! Children discover a temple in Egypt and they are challenged to piece together artifacts to win jewels. The game includes 35 artifact tiles, 21 quest cards, 75 temple jewels, storage bag and rules. Priced on MindWare for $20 it is designed for children 8 and older.

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Pretend Play

Encouraging kids to use their creativity and imagination has amazing developmental benefits. Not only do they enhance language development and story telling skills, kids also increase self-esteem and self-confidence. Here are some toys that will help encourage imaginary play this Easter.

Wild Republic Ecokins


Kids love having cozy, fluffy friends to love and care for so why not give them a stuffed animal that helps the environment too?! Ecokins by Wild Republic are made using ONLY recycled and eco-conscious material. Plus, it complies with certified global recycling standards. Even the packing is biodegradable and the tag is printed using soy ink. The new Ecokins line includes 14 different animals in two sizes (8 in. and 12 in.). The small animal sells for under $15 while the larger one sells for uner $20. Both can be found on Amazon. They are a perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket!

Diversity Fastening Dolls by Miniland

Miniland Fastening Dolls

Miniland has released the cutest interactive dolls that not only teach fine motor skills but they also increase cultural awareness and understanding. These diverse dolls come in 4 ethnicities: Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic and African American. Through play, kids will learn to zip, button, snap, buckle and tie laces. This helps build important life skills. Diversity Fastening Dolls can be found on Amazon for under $30.

Wild Republic Rubber Ducks

Wild Republic Rubber Ducks

My son LOVES rubber ducks. He is that kid that will sit for hours at rubber duck arcade game. That’s why I am so excited to give him these adorable rubber ducks from Wild Republic. What makes them perfect for kids is that there are NO openings so they are mold free. There are over 30 designs that help teach children about animals around the world. The rubber ducks can be found for under $10 on Amazon.

Bugs in a Jar

Bugs in a Jar

Children love to get dirty. They love to dig their fingers through dirt because it has such a rich tactile experience. They can now do that indoors with Playvisions Play Dirt which can be molded into different shapes. It is safe and non-toxic which means you don’t have to worry about this product. Priced on Amazon at less than $13, the Bugs in a Jar is a perfect introduction to Play Dirt indoors when it can still be a little chilly for outdoor play!



Blume dolls from Skyrocket offer an innovative way for kids to play and learn. Just water your “seeds” and watch your doll grow right out of the flowering pot. Each doll is unique making it even more exciting to collect them all. Blume dolls each have a  fun and unique hairstyle and come with mix and match outfits, a handbag, mini friend and sticker book. This unique doll combines imaginary play with art for hours of fun. Blume dolls are recommended for ages 5 and up and can be purchased on Amazon.

Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies

I was beyond excited when I found out Pound Puppies were coming back. They were one of my favorite toys from my childhood. These adorable stuffed pups are ready to be adopted and loved by children of all ages. Each puppy comes with its own official adoption papers and care sheet. The pups also come in their own carrier-shaped package so your little one can take him/her everywhere. Pound Puppies can be found on Amazon for under $20.

Little Kids Inc. PEEPS Light Up Bounce Ball

PEEPS Bounce Balls

What kid wouldn’t want a bouncy ball, especially one that lights up? This Easter give them an adorable PEEPS themed light up bounce ball that encourages hours of learning through play. They can be used inside or outside, day or night. Kids can practice their fine and gross motor skills while playing too! PEEPS Light Up Bounce Balls can be purchased for under $5 here.


Spin Master Dragamonz

Unleash your dragon! Dragamonz is a unique game that involves pretend play, math, and motor skills. To reveal your dragon, your child smashes them out of their egg; however, it is not just about collecting up to 70 different dragons.  Included in each set are playing cards that help you build your army. Your child can keep track of their cards and figures with enhanced app but the coolest part is watching them battle. The ultimate pack comes with 6 dragons and dragon cards as well as 30 battle cards. Priced at $15 on Amazon, this set has everything needed to have a two person battle. 

Soft Body Doll (Miniland)

31067 vestidoThe soft body dolls from Miniland are not only anatomically correct but they can also be ordered in a variety of ethnicities which help build a child’s social and cultural awareness. Dolls are wonderful for imaginative play as well as building storytelling skills. The dolls range in size from 8-15 inches and include Caucasion, Black, Asian, and Hispanic. On Amazon, price ranges based on size  from $15-30.

I hope you have enjoyed our list of educational and exciting toys you can put in your child’s Easter Basket!

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