Santa’s Make Shop: Holiday Events at Michaels

Looking for fun and unique ways for your kids to celebrate the holidays? Do your kids love arts and crafts? Then you have to check out the upcoming events this November and December at your local Michaels craft store. Since my kids have been old enough to hold a crayon, I have been bringing them to Michaels to create fun and unique crafts. Not only is it a fun way to encourage a love of art, it is also really affordable.

This holiday season, Michaels is not only offering their usual Saturday Kids Club events but they are also hosting MAKEBreak events the entire family will love! The Kids Club events take place every Saturday from 10am-12pm and costs only $2. MAKEBreak are FREE events that take place from 1pm-3pm on Saturdays. Each experience offers a fun way to celebrate the holiday season!

We recently attended the MAKEBreak Christmas Tree Slime event on November 5. All the supplies to make the slime were provided for FREE. My son loved using his creativity to make his own unique slime tree. It was a fun activity that encouraged sensory learning while building important fine motor and visual skills. We cannot wait for the next event!

Christmas Slime at Michaels

Santa’s Make Shop Schedule 2017

Craft Stick Ornaments: November 11 10am-12pm (only $2)

MAKEBreak Slime-Filled Ornaments: November 11 1pm-3pm (Purchase the ornament and the rest of the supplies are FREE)

Michaels Slime Ornaments

Holiday Banner: November 18 10am-12pm (only $2)

MAKEBreak Wreath: November 18 1pm-3pm (Purchase the wreath and additional supplies are FREE)

MAKEBreak Personalized Ornament: November 19 (Purchase the ornament and additional supplies are FREE)

Unicorn Slime: December 2 10am-12pm (only $2)

MAKEBreak Gingerbread House: December 2 1pm-3pm (Purchase the Wilton set and all additional supplies are included)

MAKEBreak Wreath: December 3 1pm-3pm (Purchase the wreath and additional supplies are FREE)

Michaels Wreath Decorating Event

North Pole Photo Props: December 9 10am-12pm (only $2)

MAKEBreak Christmas T-Shirt: December 9 1pm-3pm (Purchase the shirt and all supplies are FREE)

MAKEBreak Snow Slime: December 10 1pm-3pm (All supplies are FREE)

Candy Cane Decorations: December 16 10am-12pm (only $2)

MAKEBreak Personalized Holiday Gift: December 16 1pm-3pm (Purchase a mug and all decorating supplies/tools will be provided for FREE)

Michaels Holiday Slime


For more information, please visit the Michaels website.

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