Themed Activities to Enjoy at Home

We have recently found ourselves stuck safe at home. Yes, we can go for walks and go to the store for essentials, but otherwise, we are encouraged to stay home. Since then, we have come up with some fun and unique ways to keep the kids busy and engaged during this time. That includes virtual story times, virtual animal encounters, Facebook Messenger video chats with friends, game night, movie marathons and more.

As I scroll through Facebook, I see so many amazing parents coming up with unique ways to have fun with their kids. From box forts to nerf battles to even making dance videos, everyone is finding ways to stay entertained. To help, I thought I would put together a list of themed days you can incorporate into your at-home activities. These themed activities are just suggestions so feel free to add to, tweak or change what we have created. Please feel free to also comment with additional ideas and pictures. While home, we will be creating new themed days to share as well. If you have a specific themed day you are interested in, please write it in the comments below.

Themed Days:

Trolls Activities for Kids

Marvel Activities for Kids


Superhero Day

Shark Week Educational Activities

USA Geography Activities for Kids

Star Wars Activtiies

Harry Potter Educational Activities for Kids

Create Your Own Pirate Day

Moana Day

Frozen Day (1)

Create Your Own Under the Sea Day

Create Your Own Peanuts Day

Create Your Own Dino Day

Outer Space Activities for Kids

Additional Themed Activities:

These posts highlight some fun ways to celebrate events that take place yearly or have already taken place like movie releases. In each post, you will find fun themed activities including crafts and snacks.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Mickey's Birthday-3

Fun Ways to Celebrate Incredibles 2

Fun Ways to Celebrate Avengers Infinity War

Celebrate the Release of Cars 3

Summer Games-2

Disney Themed Activities:

Here are some posts Monica and I did when we were chosen to have Disney Playdates sponsored by Disney. There are a ton of fun activities including games, crafts and even themed food! I also included my post on activities to do when planning a Walt Disney World countdown. Now, I know we can’t actually visit Disney World right now, but we can always pretend, right?!

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate Feature Graphic

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate Food and Favors

Disney Kids Preschool Playdate Activities

Ideas and Activities for Educational Countdown to Disney World

You can also enjoy our themed book lists:

Awesome Book Lists for Kids

Here are some more ways to have fun while learning at home:

Virtual Animal Encounters

Travel the World Virtual Tours

Online Story Times

Stuck at Home_ 75+ Free Learning Activities to Do at Home

Dream, Create, Build_ Imagineering in a Box

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