It All Adds Up: A Review of Quercetti Rami

In full disclosure, we were provided this item in exchange for our honest review. The opinions expressed belong to Mommy University.

My initial thought of Rami when I picked it up was that it reminded me of a non-electronic pinball machine. I am aware that Quercetti makes high quality and educational toys in Italy, so I was curious to see how this toy would be embraced by my family.

Rami, designed for children ages 4-8 years old, is filled with different colored balls. It is important to understand that the basis of the game is binary numbers. On your left-hand side are levers which enable the player to release a ball to go down a specific path to reach a number. If none of the levers are turned, the ball reaches the “0” slot. If you turn only the first lever, it will go to 1. Each lever controls a number, the second is 2, the third is 4 and the fourth is 8. For example, if you want one of the balls to go to 15 path, you will need all the levers on.
Quercetti Rami

I don’t have a naturally mathematic mind so it took me a few minutes to process this game. Children are essentially adding numbers together. The balls can go to any slot from 0 to 15 based on the levers they select. It is amazing to watch them process how to play Rami. When you want to start over again, select the release lever, turn the toy upside down and put all the balls at the top.

My first instinct was to fill each number 0 to 15 as quickly as possible; however, you can also play this game by matching the color of the ball to the color of the path. If you want the purple to go to 5, then you mix the first and third lever (1+4=5). There are a few ways to play this game! (Check out the video below)

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Benefits of Playing Quercetti Rami

Introduces Math and Coding

Children have to think about how to add up the different values to equal the number of where they want the ball to go. It’s a simple concept but powerful in what it is accomplishing. Children are playing to learn math which is the best method to appreciate this concept.

No Batteries Needed

The only sound this toy makes is when you turn it upside down to move the balls. Other than that it is pretty silent. No batteries are needed to play this game which always earns points with me.

Quercetti Rami

Travel Game

Rami will not fit in your purse, but I do think it is a good size to travel. This can be used in the backseat of the car for road trips, during hotel stays or when visiting family or friends. It will appeal to the adults as well because it makes you think, so don’t be surprised if a grandparent wants to play with the game too!

Develops Reasoning Skills

This game gets you to think. The color of the balls change so it’s a different game every time. What I like about this game is that children are learning that when numbers are combined, they make new numbers and there are different combinations to get to that result.

I haven’t seen a game like Rami before. It is bright and simple in its design, but most importantly, it’s fun. Priced for less than $45 on Amazon, this toy is a unique one that boasts a mathematical focus.

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