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Located in West Berlin, Diggerland USA offers families family fun in this unique construction themed amusement park. What I found most appealing about this premier destination, however, is that this park is not about roller coasters, rather the rides provide distinctive sensory experiences. While this may seem like an unusual discussion, it is actually quite relevant at Mommy University. There are children that are thirsty for sensory experiences. If you have a child that needs to touch things or everything as well as enjoys strong pressure, then Diggerland has a lot of options that your child may enjoy! By the same token, there are children who may be a little hesitant or avoid specific sensory experiences and Diggerland also meets these children’s needs through their program Special Abilities Night at Diggerland (SAND). Let’s review both of these options.

Mommy University Explores

Sensory Experiences at Diggerland


If there is one ride my daughter will continuously ride it is Spindizzy. After two years of waiting, this summer she is at the exact height to ride this beast of a machine. An oversized digger lifts eight individuals in the scoop and spins them in a circular motion and then reverses the spin. This ride feels like the pressure astronauts endure when they spin. Children need to be 42” to ride with an adult. Spindizzy at Diggerland

Greased Beast

While the Greased Beast may take a little time to load the riders on this large garbage truck, it is well worth the wait! It seats 13 people, and each person needs to meet the 42” height requirement. Once seated, you will be buckled in because you will be treated like rubbish! Actually, the bed of the truck will lift you 34 feet in the air so you can actually feel the sensation of being inside a garbage truck. Your hands and feet will be hanging out as you are secured in your seat. Diggerland

Ground Shuttle

The Ground Shuttle is my personal favorite ride as you board a Telescopic Handler which lifts you 6.5 feet in the air with a dozen other riders. This vehicle takes you on a ride that has this interesting sensation as you feel like the machine will topple over especially when you make turns. To ride on the Ground Shuttle children need to be a minimum of 36” to ride with an adult or guardian. Diggerland Ground Shuttle

Rock Wall

If you have a child that has a lot of energy then the rock wall will definitely challenge them! Five individuals will have five minutes to climb to the top of 32 foot building. Children do need to be 42” in height to take on this task. Diggerland Rock Wall

Duck Race

While this is not a ride, all children can participate in the Duck Race. Children can pick a rubber duck and use the water pump to propel their duck to win. I wanted to feature this particular experience because it is accessible to young children who may not meet the requirements for other rides.


The Special Abilities Night at Diggerland takes place several times throughout the season when the park is open to families with individual who have special needs. The park is not open to the general public, and the tickets are limited so it is recommended to purchase them in advance. It is an open and inviting environment. This special program enables those who may feel overwhelmed with large crowds and noises to enjoy this wonderful location. If you have a family member with special needs and are interested in this event you can read about our experience here! Diggerland USA These are a few of the rides that my sensory seeking kids have immensely enjoyed and keep returning to. The Diggerland rides and vehicles provide the body with different sensory feedback. After visiting Diggerland for three years, I personally appreciate that they change the layout of the park each year and are consistently looking for experiences that change your perception.

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  1. Melissa T

    We have been wanting to go for awhile. My son thinks it’s so cool that he would be able to control the construction vehicles

  2. Diane Richards

    There is nothing like Diggerland USA in my area. It is a special and unique place that is not your typical amusement park. A great place for kids to learn and play. Never been before and I would love to share this experience with my 4.5 year old niece, who loves to play in the dirt.

  3. Diane Richards

    Diggerland USA is a special and unique park that is a lot of fun. My 4.5 year old niece love playing in dirt and riding amusement park rides. A perfect place for some Auntie and Niece time together! FUN!

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