The Count Basie Theatre offers FREE Summer Film Series

Free fun at The Count Basie Theatre In Summer 2019!

The aroma of buttered popcorn fills the air when you enter the doors of a theater, and the quest begins to find the perfect seat. This summer The Count Basie Theatre will be offering free children’s movies. Granted these are not brand new movies, but let’s be honest, there is something magical about watching these movies on the big screen whether they were released last November or ten years ago.

The fact that these movies are FREE is perfect for our budget but there are several benefits to bringing kids to the movies. This historic building named after the Jersey native and Jazz musician, William “Count” Basie, is part of the Red Bank arts community. It is important to note that tickets, while FREE, need to be ordered online by clicking on BUY TICKETS for the show you would like on the link here.

2019 Summer Schedule

  • June 6 at 7pm: JAWS

Benefits of Summer Movies

Encourages Appropriate Social Behavior

This is a wonderful opportunity for children to practice appropriate social behavior. This will vary based on the age of the child. Two years ago, we brought my children who were just learning to sit through movies, and now we have no problem bringing them to movie theatre for new movies. Not only do kids learn to sit quietly, they also learn about personal space and not hitting the seat in front of them.

Promotes Conversation

This year, the Free Summer Film Series will be playing the movie Despicable Me which is a movie my family loves but we can discuss kindness. A movie like In The Heat of the Night for older children is a classic that can spark conversations not only about the important of hard work but about American history.

Family Bonding

The Count Basie Theatre plays movies in the Free Summer Film Series that have been released a year ago to many years ago. For example, this year they are playing Karate Kid. Some of us were raised watching this classic movie, and thus we now have the opportunity to watch a movie we love with our kids in the movie theater. It is a wonderful way to bond with our children and share with them movies we cherished when we were young.

The Count Basie Theatre is located at 99 Monmouth Street Red Bank, New Jersey
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