Amazing Places to See Sunflowers in New Jersey

Sunshine at your fingertips at New Jersey Farms!

Sunflowers are regal plants as they tower over us with their bright disposition.  Who can resist smiling when they see a sunflower?  Well, at Mommy University, we certainly can’t which is why last year and this year we visited locations that offered sunflowers.

We have already discussed why sunflowers are beneficial to see and since New Jersey offers many amazing opportunities, we wanted to let you know about some of them. From tours to scavenger hunts, farms in the Garden State offer children wonderful experiences.  So, please take advantage of them. (Sunflowers have a short period of time that they can be appreciated so it is best to check with the location you plan to visit as their peak times might have passed.)

Mommy University Presents

Amazing Places to See Sunflowers in NJ

Alstede Farms, Chester

Alstede Farms not only offers pick your own for many fruits and vegetables they also contain petting zoo, farm activities and sunflowers! They have two opportunities for sunflowers: a maze and pick your own. The sunflower maze is included with general admission and you can cut your own sunflowers which cost $1 each. When you visit Monday-Thursday 9am-11am admission is FREE!

2018 Update: Contact farm to confirm flowers are in bloom.

Alstede Farms

Andersen Farms Sunflower Maze, Sparta (Reopening in 2018)

Although, Andersen Farms has been around for over a decade, in 2015 they opened their first Sunflower Maze which extends 10 acres.  In addition to the hidden items in the maze such as a “mouse in the house,” children can also find letters and see if they can decode the scrambled message.  At the end of the maze, children receive a complimentary lollipop and can participate in finger painting the enormous sunflower mural.  Parents will enjoy the 10% off coupon they receive after completing the maze to purchase fresh produce at Andersen Farms.  There are plenty of photo props that will be fun for the kids (and adults) to pose in at Andersen Farms.

2018 Update: Closed for the 2018 Season.

Andersen Farms

Diverse activities and layered puzzles will keep kids engaged.

Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm, Jobstown

Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm is impressive in the vast quantity of items they grow which does include pick your own sunflowers!  Once you are done picking sunflowers, your kids might want to indulge in the petting zoo or the free play area.  This is a farm that might be a full day excursion.  In the Fall, 12 acres of sunflowers will also be available for cut your own which will be called “Sunflower September”.

2018 Update: Flowers bloom in September.

Johnson Locust Hall Farm

Image Source: Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm

Donaldson Farm, Hackettstown

If you are looking for a relaxing tour of a sunflower farm that will entice you with educational facts and history of farming, then head over to Donaldson Farms.  Located in Warren County, the sunflowers are spread over 30 acres.  Tours are offered at optimal times for photography and guests receive farm fresh fruit and water. Children can also participate in a safari hunt for pollinators. In addition, Donaldson Farms is hosting a Pick and Paint-Your-Own-Sunflower Tour where you can, yes, paint a sunflower piece of art.

2018 Update: Sunflower tours currently running.

Tyler loved looking for all the pollinators!

Happy Day Farm, Manalapan

It is obvious to see how this farm obtained it’s name Happy Day Farm!  The 2 acre sunflower farm might be what attracts you to visiting this uplifting space but when you stop by check out the popular blueberry and raspberry picking!

2018 Update: Contact farm to confirm flowers are in bloom.

Happy Day Farm Sunflowers

Liberty Farm’s Sussex County Sunflower Maze, Sandyston

Liberty Farm has hosted the Sussex County Sunflower Maze for several years, but it has a new location in Sandyston last year. There is a kid’s scavenger hunt where they are tasked with locating different items.  As well, there is a butterfly native pollinator meadow.  In the past, photographers have been invited to special hours on specific dates so check on their Facebook page.

2018 Update: Sussex County Sunflower Maze currently open.

Scavenger Hunt

 Jennings Tree Farm, Shamong

Yes, Tree Farms also grow sunflowers!  Well they do at Jennings Tree Farm.  The sunflower field was planted to offer enjoyment to a farmer’s family.  Several years ago they placed an Honor Box outside so visitors can cut their own flowers.  They recommend $1 for 3 sunflowers.  Don’t miss out on this South Jersey location.

2018 Update: Contact farm to confirm flowers are in bloom.

Jennings Tree Farm

Melick Town Farm, Oldwick

You may not want to visit a maze on a hot day but still enjoy fresh flowers so Melick Town Farm might be the option for you.  At 170 Oldwick Rd, you can cut your own sunflowers.  You can browse the flower patch and pay per stem.

2018 Update: Contact farm to confirm flowers are in bloom.

Melick Farms

Johnson’s Corner Farm, Medford

Take a hayride out to cut your own sunflowers at Johnson’s Corner Farm.  Not only can you pick your own flowers with the kids, but afterwards they can play in the Discovery Barnyard and Animal Farm (fees apply to Discovery Barnyard).

2018 Update: Check with farm if flowers still available.

Duke Farms, Hillsborough

Duke Farms is unique from the previous suggestions as they have more diverse plant and nature offerings as well as educational opportunities.  After visiting the sunflowers, you can visit the Orchid Range.  The large area is a wonderful invitation for geocachers and self-guided tours.  Duke Farms also hosts family programs as well as professional development opportunities for educators.

2018 Update: Check with farm if flowers still available.

Duke Farms

Brodhecker Farms

A working farm, Brodhecker Farms is one of the early bloomers for sunflowers and while there are no tours or mazes, this is a place that you can drive up to and marvel.  They may bring out a structure that allows visitors to look over the field.

2018 Update: Closed for the 2018 Season.

Brodhecker Farms

NEW! Holland Ridge Farms, Cream Ridge

Five acres in Holland Ridge Farms will be dedicated to sunflowers from September to October!  In fact, they are launching a Sunflower Festival to celebrate where families can enjoy face painting, food trucks, a gallery and all things sunflowers.  You can add this destination to your bucket list of places to see sunflowers!

2018 Update: September 22-October 28, 2018.

Blackburn Garden Center Sunflower Maze, Augusta (Closed in 2016)

Blackburn Garden Center launched in 2015 their Sunflower Maze which includes a hayride through the fields of sunflowers.  It is located next to amazing places to eat like Rosaline’s Bakery and Chatterbox, but it will also have your kids chattering about the cool flowers especially the one they picked before leaving. Blackburn Sunflower Maze is only open seven days a week from 12-7pm.

2017 Update: Blackburn closed the Sunflower Farm in 2016.

Tip: Be warned sunflowers attract butterflies and bees (a lot of bees). If there is an allergic reaction to bees, please note that sunflower farms are pretty expansive, so bring medication!

There are other locations in New Jersey to see sunflowers; however, we have compiled this list based on the ability to see sunflowers as well as educational activities that children may enjoy.  At Mommy University, we enjoy the hidden benefits of visiting sunflowers as well as supporting local businesses that are at the heart of our state which are farms!


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