1. These are all so true. I confess, I hate gardening but my husband loves it and I hope that him and my son can enjoy it together.

  2. I think it is extremely important for kids to learn as early as possible about gardening. I think another point is it can help teach the child to be self sustaining. Be able to learn how to plant and harvest food is an invaluable asset for anyone. Good article!

  3. Thank you for providing this information. I’m sharing your website with the parents of the little students in my 4 and 5 year old class. We are starting a garden, the first one at this particular school, and it’s important that the parents know why I’m doing this with their children. The benefits are life changing!

    • Jessica Lopa

      Thank you so much Rose! Best of luck with your garden. I know the kids will have a blast making it and they will learn so much in the process!

  4. John

    Very well pointed out by the author. Gardening will keep children fresh and well connected to the nature. Different activities such as gardening, cooking, visiting an old age, etc. brings out the best in children and teaches them the desired values. An online marketplace named HapClap is providing such innovative activities for kids.

    • Jessica Lopa

      I completely agree!! When they grow their own food, they become more invested in the cooking process and have a greater sense of pride with the final product!

  5. My kids LOVE gardening with me and have for years. It’s such a great way to spend quality time with the kiddos. They love getting their hands dirty with mama!

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