1. I can’t decide which idea I like the best…seriously I love them all! Wishing my kids were little again! This will be the last year my son believes…sniff! I have a couple more years with my daughter, hopefully lol!

  2. Such great ideas! I just got a bunch of plastic Easter eggs, so I’ve been trying to think of some fun things to put in them for my son. He’s going to have a blast with these ideas.

  3. amiyrah

    Both of my kids would love to find dinosaurs hiding in their eggs. And I’ve never heard of squigz! They look like lots of fun.

  4. […] This activity is perfect for a rainy day, a snow day, or a day that you have to be indoors at home.  Put some of the figurines from Backyard Birds, Dinosaurs, or Wild Toobs around the home and provide your children with binoculars that they will use to find the hidden creatures.  This is great to burn excess energy, enhance observation skills, and increase animal identification.  Again, due to the size and honestly affordable cost of the Toobs they work perfect in an Easter Basket or Easter Eggs. Some of the replicas in the Toobs can fit into Easter Eggs as suggested in “All Things Easter: 10 Brain Boosting Easter Egg Hunts (without candy)”. […]

    • Jessica Lopa

      Thank you Amanda! We find it so much fun to change up the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and do something a little different:)

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