Building Fun with Sand: Exploring Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand enables you to make sand castles in your home!

Do you remember the time your kids brought sand in the house? The sand got everywhere and you became frustrated over the mess. Children are intrigued with sand and love to play with it. From building sand castles to moats, playing with sand has many developmental benefits. Kinetic Sand is a phenomenal toy that allows children to get sensory feedback, can be therapeutic and is absolute fun for open-ended play. Did I mention it’s not as messy as real sand too?

My son is sensory seeking thus this toy has been consistently one of the most engaged items in our household. Sensory seeking means that his body needs additional feedback so he will actively squeeze, pull, tug, push, hug, objects (and sometimes people) with extreme pressure. Kinetic Sand has been therapeutic for him as much as developmentally beneficial. When Kinetic Sand offered Mommy University the opportunity to review a sample of the new varieties, I was ecstatic.

Kinetic Sand

Mommy University Presents

A Kinetic Sand Breakdown


In the past two years that my children have played with Kinetic Sand, we decided it was time to keep it in its own plastic container. Either of my children can pull out the box and place on the table adding construction vehicles or tools to move and shape the sand. They can play with this toy with little supervision or direction from an adult and are content just playing with this toy.

Sand Castle Bin

We started my son young on Kinetic Sand and he still plays with it today.

Kinetic Sand doesn’t have a strong odor and it doesn’t leave a residue on your hands after they are done playing. While children can make creations out of the sand it will not hold its shape; however, the texture of the original Kinetic Sand is soothing. Since its release, there have been many colors across the rainbow made available!

Kinetic Sand


The Build variety has the appeal of a similar texture to the Original Sand but what makes this Kinetic Sand stand out is that when pressure is applied it will hold its shape. We received the Bakery Boutique to review and both of my children absolutely loved it. My daughter pulled out the sand and made different colored shapes which, when piled on top, made the shape of a cake.

Kinetic Sand

The box is converted to the bake display case which is perfect for kids to demonstrate their proud creations. Leaving Build out is fine because it will not dry out. When your child is done playing with the Build sand they can separate it and start all over again.

Kinetic Sand


The minuscule beads in Foam feel amazing when you squeeze it through your hands. This is another form of Kinetic Sand which children will enjoy shaping and molding into different creations. What makes Foam unique is that this can dry out and thus children can use it to make sculptures. In fact, they may want to take the different colored foam and make different shapes and designs. Their final product can become a permanent sculpture that is displayed on a shelf. We honestly love the feel of this sand so much we couldn’t let it dry!

Kinetic Sand
It will surprise you how much the sand sticks together but doesn’t stick to your hands or leave a residue. Kinetic Sand doesn’t flake like other types of sands on the market which means there is not a ton of clean up afterwards. It invites children to play developing hand strength, fine motor skills and encourages their creativity. All three varieties are available on Amazon and make wonderful gifts! For example, the Shimmering Purple Sand available for under $12, can add sparkle to any child’s birthday or holiday. The Bakery Boutique and the Foam set featured above are both available for less than $20!

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