1. Soccer is an awesome sport for all ages. It builds fitness, motor skills, coordination and so much more. It is an ultimate team sport as well.

      • Hello, very good article on the benefits of playing soccer. As i see my son play soccer, i feel it is a great sport and completely agree with your observations in respect to the benefits that can come with playing soccer, specifically interaction with other kids, team work, confidence and several other things that you don’t get to see while they are not involved in a sport.

  2. lutskym

    My daughter played last spring and loved it. Both of my kids want to play in the fall so I signed them both up. I agree, it’s great for them!

  3. I like that you mentioned that kids who play soccer have increased social interactions. When kids are young it can be hard to get them involved with other children. My son is getting old enough to play sports and I want to make sure he gets involved with a team so that he can be more social. I will have to look into soccer for him.

  4. I agree that soccer can improve focus and attention, especially in younger children. It’s important that those playing soccer have the right tools and equipment to help them focus and feel successful. I think it helps, too, when they have a real net to use when they are shooting goals. It gives them more time to focus on shooting the ball rather than running and getting the ball constantly.

  5. I’ve been wanting to get my son into a sport, and was thinking soccer. You wrote that soccer really focuses on core muscles, which will help you kid stay healthy. Perhaps if I got some goal posts for my son to use, him and his friends could come use it and get really into soccer. Thank you for the read.

  6. I really appreciate your tip on how soccer can actually increase your core muscles and make you healthy! My wife told me that she is concerned our son is sitting around playing video games too much, and she wants him to be more active. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should get our son started in soccer!

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