Defying Gravity: 4 Ways to Play with WubbleX Ball

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Last fall, we were lucky enough to be chosen to review the unique sensory learning toy, the Wubble Bubble. This fall, we are so excited to play and learn with the WubbleX! When filled with WubbleX Helium this innovative toy offers hours of anti-gravity learning fun!

The WubbleX Ball comes in blue and pink, and you can purchase the ball alone or in a bundle with the WubbleX helium canister. Helium is required to inflate the WubbleX. To inflate, just attach the plastic tube to the helium canister and then insert it into the ball. I recommend working with someone else to inflate the ball as it can be a little tricky to fit the tube in the ball. Fill the ball with helium then get ready to play!

My husband and I worked together to inflate the WubbleX.

My husband and I worked together to inflate the WubbleX.

Just like the Wubble Bubble, WubbleX is a wonderful sensory-based toy that allows for hours of learning through play. There are so many amazing skills kids can develop all while having fun! Kids enhance their visual skills as they scan and track the WubbleX in the air. They increase eye-hand coordination when they tap the ball or balance it on their finger. Kids even boost gross motor skills as they jump up to grab the ball from the air.

There are so many fun ways to play with the WubbleX. Mystify your friends with magical tricks, play a fun game of volleyball or spin it through the air like a UFO. Whichever way you choose to play, be assured your kids will be learning!

4 Brain Boosting Ways to Play with the WubbleX

“Pop” the Wubble

What kid doesn’t love popping bubbles? You blow the bubbles and they run after them in excitement seeing how many they can pop. With the WubbleX kids can play pop the bubble without worrying about the bubble actually popping. That means no messy hands, no clean up and never-ending fun! Just inflate the WubbleX Ball with helium and toss it in the air. Kids can take turns tapping it with their finger.

Kids have to visual track where the WubbleX is and where it will go in order to "pop" it.

Kids have to visual track where the WubbleX Ball is and where it will go in order to “pop” it.

Not only is this activity fun, it also helps develop several skills. While playing, kids must use visual scanning and tracking skills to follow the WubbleX Ball and know when to reach out to pop it. As kids “pop” the WubbleX Ball they enhance their eye-hand coordination as they take their finger and touch the WubbleX Ball in the air. This also helps enhance motor-planning skills and coordination.


How long will it take to fall from the top of the bunk bed? What happens if I spin it? Will it float differently if I throw versus hit it? These are all great questions to ask while playing with your WubbleX. In fact, asking questions is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the scientific process or making hypothesis and then experimenting with those ideas. Take it a step further by focusing on the impacts of helium and gravity on the actions of the WubbleX.

Balancing Act

A fun way to play with the WubbleX that also helps enhance balance and coordination is carefully balancing the WubbleX Ball on your finger or head. How long can you get it to stay there? Is it easier are harder with more helium? You can get even more creative by balancing it on your foot or even doing a headstand and balancing it on your feet!

WubbleX Balancing Act

How long can you balance the WubbleX on your head?

Free Play

When you first inflate your WubbleX, just let the kids play. Many of my ideas were sparked from watching my kids play and just branching off from their ideas. Playing with a sibling also enhances social skills such as sharing and turn taking. Free play also helps kids enhance language as they talk about what they are doing or ask you to join them in the fun. While playing have them tell you the shape of the ball, how it feels and what they think will happen next.

the WubbleX offers so many opportunities for learning through play!

The WubbleX offers so many opportunities for learning through play!

We had so much fun playing with our WubbleX, and we can’t wait to see what more fun activities we can come up with. To purchase your own WubbleX, you can visit You can purchase the ball in blue and pink for under $14, the WubbleX Helium Canister for $12.49 or the WubbleX Bundle (ball and helium) for $22.50.


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