1. lutskym

    I love the food of course! But I also love unplugging from all electronics and for everyone to be completely present.

  2. Thanks for pointing out how camping with kids can help them learn new things. With how children seem to be stuck to phones or tablets, it will be good to take them somewhere where they can’t just turn something on. I will have to look into taking my kids out more for camping or other activities.

  3. I like how you talked about how camping can help foster a healthy lifestyle. This spring we are going hiking and camping up at a gorgeous cabin in Park City. I appreciate the information on the benefits of enjoying the great outdoors.

  4. I loved it when you said that camping allows a person to learn a lot about themselves, like whether or not they really are an outdoor person and point out the type of camping they are. My brother said that he is born for the wilderness, but I wonder just how much of that is true. It might be a good idea to test that out by sending him over an overnight camp along with some other kids to see how he will react.

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