New Year, Old You

You know that saying New Year, New You? With the start of every new year, people make a resolution for a new self. Whether that’s travel, health, or love, people are looking to change and be something new. In 2021, I say forget the “new you” and instead focus on getting back to the “old you.” 

Who knew that on January 1, 2020, the resolutions or goals we made would never come to fruition?! We all had such hope for new beginnings and exciting journeys but instead we were handed insurmountable turmoil and chaos. We gave up the new image we wanted to create and desperately tried to hold on to who we were only to eventually give up the fight. Extroverts became introverts but not by choice. Parents became teachers, and everyday people became heroes. We turned to Netflix, wine, and redecorating while trying to hold on to some semblance of normalcy. 

In 2020, we traded jeans for leggings and happy hour for Zoom calls. We gave up on that diet and turned to food for comfort instead. We traded Yoga videos for the Tiger King and TikTok became a lifeline. We did what we could to try to stay entertained, calm, and sane.

I miss the old me. I miss being carefree and spontaneous. I miss visiting friends without feeling guilty or nervous. I miss going shopping without worrying about being too close to someone. I want to make plans and eat in a restaurant. I want to celebrate birthdays without using Zoom or hearing the sirens of a fire truck. But what I miss the most is waking up feeling happy and excited. I miss having things to look forward to. I miss my drive and motivation. I want all of those things back!

In 2021, my goal isn’t to create a new me, it’s to find the old me. I want to reclaim the parts of me that were taken or lost in 2020 and combine them with the woman I am now. I may be a few pounds heavier (okay, maybe more than a few) but I am also stronger and wiser. I have learned to love and appreciate the little things. I have learned to slow down and just be in the moment. I learned that I can’t do and be everything and that’s OKAY! So bring it on 2021! I am ready and SO ARE YOU!

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