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Each year, my daughter is fascinated with a Disney Princess. When she was three years old, Tangled was on constant loop as Rapunzel kept having the best day ever. Next, Tiana demonstrated that with hard work and perseverance your dreams can come true (and every good dream includes beignets). Her next year involved letting it go as she fell in love with Frozen. While each princess is unique, they also teach my daughter different values and lessons.

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Pley developed a subscription service that centers around the Disney Princesses where children can receive a box addressed to your child. Children are thrilled when mail addressed to them arrives at the door and this particular special delivery will multiply the joy they will feel as they open a box focused on one particular princess. In the past, my daughter has received Pley Boxes that focus on Cinderella and Merida. In May, we received a box that included all the princesses.

My daughter enjoys opening the Princess Pley Box to discover who will be featured and to engage in the different activities included. The May 2018 box surprised her as she pulled out swim goggles, a bright green shirt with multiple princesses, a blanket with Belle, a purse with a few princesses on them, a water bottle with Rapunzel and a clear mini backpack featuring several princesses filled with hair accessories. She began to identify that this box is about all the Disney Princesses. You can watch the video of her opening the box below!

What emerged from this experience was a get outdoors summer box! Every item contained is going to be used for outdoor activities. The clear backpack and accessories will be used to store sunscreen along with her brush and hair supplies while the bag will be used to hold pool toys and her new swim goggles. The blanket will be used for watching outdoor movies while the water bottle and t-shirt will go in regular rotation with summer supplies. This delivery proved to be an interesting twist from Pley.

Disney Princess Pley Box May 2018

As my daughter swims in the pool, climbs the rock wall or learns to complete a cartwheel, she has the support of the princesses. Whether it is Moana telling her to listen to herself or Merida encouraging her to take risks, the ultimate message from them is to believe in yourself!

The Disney Princess box contains items surrounding the different themes involving the Princesses and can include 4-6 Official Disney Princess toys, activities and/or fashion accessories. The Disney fan will appreciate the unique items that are not available in the store. The cost of the Disney Princess Box varies based on the number ordered and boxes are shipped every two months.

  • 1 Box: At $29.99, this is a one time shipment of a Disney Princess Box.
  • 3 Boxes: At $86.97, you will receive three boxes at a slightly lower cost per box.
  • 6 Boxes: At $167.94, this is the best value package.

If your child isn’t a fan of royalty, then check out their other options which include Hot Wheels and National Geographic. What appeals to children is that they are receiving mail directly to them, and what appeals to parents is all that play without screen time.



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