Build, Play and Learn at Genius Gems

We are so excited to partner with Genius Gems to bring you all their brain boosting fun!

Something exciting is coming to Milburn, NJ in May 2018! A new company called Genius Gems is taking educational play for kids and adults to the next level. Genius Gems is a STEM-based play space, with structured activities designed by an experienced educator. Kids (and adults) can build, play and learn with over 24,000 magnetic tiles. How awesome is that?

Founded by Jennifer Romanoff, an experienced and passionate educator, Genius Gems offers a unique play experience centered around their impressive collection of magnetic tiles. Jennifer knew that she wanted to create a collaborative, educational and fun play space that kids and adults could enjoy together. She realized that magnetic tiles were the perfect medium for delivering that experience and Mommy University agrees!

Photo Provide by Genius Gems

Photo Provide by Genius Gems

These tiles are used in a variety of ways including traditional open play, team-based games, competitions, building projects and more. For those who don’t know, magnetic tiles are plastic tiles with built-in magnets allowing for hours building fun. They are easy to grasp and manipulate making them perfect for little hands beginning as young as age 3. While playing with magnetic tiles, kids gain important skills such as fine motor, problem solving, visual-spatial, scientific concepts and so much more!

This innovative concept, however, was not designed just for educational growth, but for social growth as well. Jennifer wanted to create a space where kids and parents can connect too. Jennifer believes that “magnetic tiles have a unique ability to get people working together. Our job at Genius Gems, and my job as an educator, is to create the overall structure to foster that learning.” This perfectly aligns with Mommy University’s philosophy of learning through play!

In addition to general admission for open play fun, Genius Gems will offer unique and exciting birthday party experiences for kids. Each party will offer 90 minutes of brain boosting building fun. On-site healthy food options and educational favors are also available! Genius Gems will also offer classes to help expand young minds and foster a love of the STEM world. Classes will be offered for your smallest engineer to your oldest. Here are some of the amazing classes you can look forward to experiencing:

  • Girls Who Invent
  • Robotics
  • Science in Spanish
  • Art and Architecture
  • Little Engineers
  • LED Lights and Circuits
  • Toddler Explorers
Photo Provided by Genius Gems

Photo Provided by Genius Gems

Don’t worry parents, Genius Gems has you covered too! This new space will cater to the entire family by having FREE WiFi, yummy snacks to purchase and a great space to rest and relax. For your littlest of engineers, Genius Gems will also have a multi-purpose space for children under the age of 3 full of age-appropriate learning activities. To enhance the fun and learning, Genius Gems will also offer special and community events throughout the year such as Moms’ Night Out, Dad Build-a-Thons, Teen Nights and Sensory Friendly Sundays!

For more information including pricing, please visit the Genius Gems website. You can also follow the fun on Facebook!

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