1. Vince Burns

    It is smart to have all your food and scented things outside of your tent so that you don’t have any unwanted visitors come to your tent. I think it is also important to have things to do while you are there. I was reading on http://ponderosapinescampground.com and I read about some camping locations that had all sorts of activities near them. It is fun to have more than one activity to do especially if there is a lake nearby.

  2. Bring important things with you when you go camping like first aid kit, cell phone charger or any communication tools -this is just for emergency uses. Also just to add a few things, safety measures should be reiterated especially if you have children with you. It is better to be safe than sorry. With respect to your post, I find it very informative, I will keep that in mind whenever I am dealing with my tent. Thanks!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I always let my kids spend time on blending into nature. It does help enhance their body physically and emotionally. It doesn’t matter what outdoor activity you are passionate about or your skill level, nature is always a part of us.

    Thanks for the useful tips, dear & keep up the good work.

  4. We are planning on taking our family camping in a few weeks and want to make sure we got our basics down. Thank you for talking about the importance of keeping food out of your tent. It really helps to know this since we want to avoid critters and accidents while we are sleeping under the starts or while we enjoy nature.

  5. All great tips that will help make your next camping trip more enjoyable and hassle free. The only one I don’t agree with is to leave the dog at home. After watching how excited she gets when she watches us getting ready for the next trip that would just be to cruel.

  6. That’s a good tip to make sure a ground cover fits. Like you said, the rain will still get in if it doesn’t. It’s fun to leave modern comforts behind sometimes, and it’s good for you to; The air in the woods has more oxygen because of the trees.

  7. Thanks for sharing these basic tips. I remember last year I forgot to keep ground cover with me and I had to manage with my bed sheets 😀 .

    You’ll never know what things can happen. So be sure while packing your outdoor tent camping trip.

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