Good Clean Fun with Royclo Foam Paint Bottles

Mommy University received the Foam Paint Bottles from Roylco in exchange for an honest review.

Children learn best through play.  Exposing them to multiple sensory activities has many benefits which is why we enjoyed Roylco’s Foam Paint Bottles.  Primarily designed as an art toy, the Foam Paint Bottles contains colored soap which can be used to paint paper. However, my children really enjoyed the sensory component of this toy.

Playing in dirt is a popular tactile experience which gives children’s bodies feedback that helps them understand the world that surrounds them.  The Foam Paint Bottles functions on a similar principle except they are playing with soap which means when they are done playing a simple rinse with water will clean them. Foam Paint Bottles are sold as specially designed bottles; however, you will need to purchase the materials to make the foam paint mix which includes: dish soap, liquid watercolor or food coloring, and glycerin (which is not required but recommended as it makes the foam fluffier).

Foam Fun

Playing with the  foam is a great activity that invites children to explore, play and learn.

My children enjoyed showing off their hands covered in foam and mixing the different colors to create new ones.  There was some difficulty by my children to press down on the bottle which became a little more challenging when they had foam on their hands and wanted to add more foam to their tray.  What I enjoyed about the Foam Paint Bottles is the opportunity for learning.

Mommy University Presents

Three Benefits of Roylco’s Foam Paint Bottles

Sensory Exploration and Play

This is a fabulous sensory activity.  Most children love to play with soap and water so this invites them for extended play instead of wrangling them from the sink.  If your child is not enthusiastic about washing their hands, they may enjoy the opportunity to “get messy”.   I like sensory activities that have other layers and this activity can be tied to academic learning.

Foam Bottles

Children like the texture of the foam.

Enhances Writing Skills

If you prefer a more structured activity or just feel that your child is ready, invite children to trace.  My son loves to write his name so he was writing letters in the foam.  If you child needs visual cues, you can trace out a letter, number, or shape and ask them to do the same.  Another option is to have cards with these items in front of them so that they can trace independently.

Tracing Letters in Foam

Children enjoy drawing letters, shapes or numbers.

Promotes Artistic Expression

The Foam Paint Bottle set comes with three different bottles.  If you fill each with primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue when the foam is mixed the children are learning color principles.  My daughter insists on everything purple which is easily done when red and blue are combined.  I love that while we don’t have purple available, she can explore how to make this color.  This becomes a quick lesson in problem solving and innovation.

Mix it Up

Yellow and blue make green, while red and blue make purple. Children can learn what happens when two colors are mixed.

So far, my children have played with the Foam Paint Bottles on three different occasions.  Since we never used all of the foam, I could lock the bottle and easily use again.  After playing with the Foam Paint Bottles, my favorite part was the clean-up.  Simply add water and the foam disappears.  Since we opted to use food coloring, I was happily surprised when the water washed all traces of the coloring off my children’s skin.

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