Discover the World of Magic with the Ideal My First Magic Set

In full disclosure, we were provided with the Ideal My First Magic Set in exchange for our honest review.

My 6-year-old has recently become fascinated with the world of magic. He loves learning magic tricks and making up his own. What I love is how much magic has helped him grow and learn!

To help my son develop his magic skills, I wanted to find an awesome magic kit that he would enjoy but also find success in. At Toy Fair NY 2015, at the Alex Brands booth, we were introduced to the Ideal My First Magic Set. We were entertained by the magician showing off his tricks right from this set. I was so excited to learn that this easy to use magic set was made for kids ages 4 and up. I thought this would be perfect for my son!

As soon as my son opened the box, he began investigating each piece and trying to figure out how to complete the tricks. We worked together to read and understand the instructions which were easy to follow. He had so much fun learning and practicing each new trick and showing it to his family. I was so proud of how hard he worked and the determination he showed to master each magic trick.

Tyler was so proud of himself when he mastered the disappearing crayons trick!

Tyler was so proud of himself when he mastered the disappearing crayons trick!

The Ideal My First Magic Set comes with 20 pieces that can be used to complete over 20 easy magic tricks. From vanishing crayons to a disappearing ball to a floating wand, kids will have a blast with this amazing introduction to magic. Along with the instructional book, the set also comes with an instructional DVD making it easier to learn for kids who need to see what they have to do. It’s like having a magic teacher right in your own living room!

As always, at Mommy University we look for the educational and developmental value of the toys we let our children play with. My First Magic Set is no exception. I already knew that this set would help build basic academic knowledge and boost fine motor skills, but I found even more amazing benefits as I watched my son play and learn!

5 Benefits of Playing with My First Magic Set

Builds Confidence

What I really love about this magic set is that due to its easy to complete magic tricks, my son was able to feel and experience success each time he played. As we clapped and cheered for him, I could see his confidence and self-esteem grow. His confidence grew even more as he practiced and refined his tricks. He would beam with pride after completing each trick.

Encourages a Positive Work Ethic

As my son played, he realized that he had to practice many times in order to master each trick. He also had to work hard to figure out tricks that were a little “trickier” to complete. When he messed up, he tried and tried again until he got it right. He also learned that in order to be good at something, you have to practice. It was a great life lesson!

Tyler worked hard to master this more complicated trick!

Tyler worked hard to master this more complicated trick!

Enhances Public Speaking Skills

To be a magician, one must learn to speak in front of others. This magic set introduces kids to the world of public speaking. As my son performed, I had him introduce himself as well as explain each trick he performed. As he practiced, his speaking became more fluent and exuded more confidence. This will help him have greater confidence in school and in life.

Sparks Creativity

Exploring the world of magic also helps kids explore their creative side. My kids had fun coming up with their own magician names, setting up their magic table and developing their “set list.” ┬áMy son also loved coming up with his own magic tricks using the pieces provided in the set. Kids also expand their creative thinking when they come up with show dialogue. This, in turn, helps improve their language skills.

Introduces Kids to the Art and Science of Illusions

Is it art? Is it magic? Is it science? As kids play with their My First Magic Set, they learn tricks that involve visual illusions. Kids learn to look at things in new ways as well as learn that people can look at things differently from each other. Studying illusions involve using visual-perception, spatial awareness, perceptual reasoning and more. These are all skills that boost cognitive development as well as assist in academic progress.

Tyler loved learning the art of illusion!

Tyler loved learning the art of illusion!

The Ideal My First Magic Set is the perfect first magic set for kids. It allows kids to have fun while also exploring the world of magic. Kids will build important academic, cognitive and life skills all while having fun! The Ideal My First Magic Set retails for under $25 and can be purchased on

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