1. Heather

    Excellent suggestions, especially the “What is the best way to get in touch with you?” question. Sometimes, teachers have a really strong preference. Me, I’m an email girl, and my students’ parents know that straight out of the gate. :)

    • Thank you so much! That’s great that you let your parents know how to reach you right away. It’s so important for parents to have ongoing communication with their child’s teacher! Thanks for following Mommy University!

  2. Petra

    I think most teachers should be answering these questions as part of their back to school night agenda. I felt like my son’s teacher was well-organized and did answer these questions, with the exception of book suggestions. However, a few days ago, when students went to the library, it seems she help guide him to a book selection.

    • That’s great that your teacher was so organized. I also agree that they should be answering them as part of their agenda. I also wanted parents to use this list as a checklist for information to look out for during their teacher’s presentation. I hope it was helpful! Have a great school year!!

  3. Another tip – find out how grades for tests and quizzes are shared during the semester. My kids have theirs on a website for the school, and the teachers send home a folder every week for parents to review and initial.

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