1. Sarah Hughes

    It’s hard to be judged and to not judge. It’s the ones who judge out loud or in your face that are the worst. My kids eat what others would call junk and my 4 yr old had never slept in a crib or on her own. That always get lots of judging!!

    • I agree! It’s definitely the worst when people, especially strangers, make judgments aloud and to your face. My kids also eat what some call junk, and the lectures by others can get annoying! Keep on doing what you feel is best for your kids! Thanks for following Mommy University!

  2. Didn’t you know, every mom is right 😉 It’s hard not to get stressed from the comparisons but choosing to ignore it and do what I know is best for MY family is how I get through this. Great job, Momma!

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