1. My kids LOVE them! They just pile them all together. They never like building to the instructions but prefer to let their imaginations runs wild. We have K’Nex, Tinkertoys, Legos, and Goldie Blox.

  2. I used legos often with children in my kindergarten class struggling with writing. It really helps to increase those fine motor skills. PLUS, it’s fun! My 15 month old loves wooden blocks and the mego blocks.

  3. I love that by playing with legos or other toys, children are encouraged to use their minds instead of relying on technology. Today, so many children only play on their tablets or computers. They miss out on the fun that can be had by toys or the growth that comes from building things.

  4. Sherry

    Thx for sharing! I am so glad that more and more parents have realized that playing can also be meaning. There’s a concept called “informal learning”. Several researches have proved that different types of toys can actually have different impacts on children’s developments. Therefore, in order to select the most suitable toys for your kids (to suit their different interests), you’d better know something about education psychology and brain development :) I heard one educational subscription box which is amazing. Every month, they have Harvard educated experts curate qualified products from the market! You should definitely check this out. cubbycase.com

  5. This is great!! I grew up with all kinds of building blocks and loved them. And as an early childhood teacher, blocks are very important to our learning space. But so many parents these days don’t seem to understand the importance and benefits. You’ve outlined them very nicely – well done.

  6. My sister has been wondering what kind of toys she should get for her children. You mentioned that children who use building toys can build their confidence when they complete their masterpiece. Toys that are practical and can be applied to real life sound like a great option for her children. I’ll definitely recommend she look for toys that can help her children develop. Thanks for the read.

  7. tshering dorji

    It was a very good article and I got an insight to help my younger sister to build a good personality and skills.. thank you so much. Keep doing the great job. God bless u immensely.

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