Brain Boosting Toys at Toy Fair: 5 Toys That Will Make You Roar

Brain Boosting Toys at Toy Fair

All children like dinosaurs.  Whether it is a simple appreciation to the more sophisticated fascination, most children can name their favorite dinosaur without hesitation.  However, if your child’s interest leans towards passion or extreme interest, then this list may be the one you are looking for as you think about upcoming birthdays or holidays. Walking … [Read more…]

Learn and Grow with the VTech Alphabet Train

Learn and Grow with VTech

I was so excited to receive the Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train from VTech to give to my son this past Christmas. With so many manipulatives to help build developmental skills, this was the perfect gift for my little one. What I like best about the VTech Alphabet Train is that it is designed to grow … [Read more…]

Get Outside and Get Active with the PlaSmart PlasmaCar

PlasmaCar Review

Hot, cold or in between, my kids love playing outside. We take out the sidewalk chalk, bubbles and bikes and have a blast. Recently, however, their new obsession is the PlasmaCar from PlaSmart. After reviewing the Kick Flipper, we were provided a sample of the PlasmaCar to play with and then share our views with … [Read more…]