Exploring Our World with SmartScope from Ravensburger


During our visit to the Tarantulas exhibit at Academy of Natural Sciences, the staff used an impressive microscope that allowed children to see specimens in detail as it was projected on a screen. My children were in awe seeing the object magnified and were amazed at all the details they could see.  They already know … [Read more…]

Rainbow Fairy : Pretend Play is Magical

Rainbow Fairy

Wings and wands are not just magical for Fairies! Pretend play reinforces social skills, allows children to explore the world around them and helps them tap into their imagination to create unique worlds. One particular imaginary world that fascinates my daughter is the idea of fairies which I think may be attributed to her recent … [Read more…]

Brain Boosting Toys at Toy Fair: 5 Toys That Will Make You Roar

Brain Boosting Toys at Toy Fair

All children like dinosaurs.  Whether it is a simple appreciation to the more sophisticated fascination, most children can name their favorite dinosaur without hesitation.  However, if your child’s interest leans towards passion or extreme interest, then this list may be the one you are looking for as you think about upcoming birthdays or holidays. Walking … [Read more…]