Santa’s Wonderland Inspires Children at Bass Pro Shops

Santa's Wonderland Inspires Children at Bass Pro Shop

A corner of the North Pole at your local Bass Pro Shops! We believe in the tranquility and calm that comes with going outdoors. One store that has been encouraging families to get outside s Bass Pro Shops. As the holiday season approaches, they offer a family fun activity called Santa’s Wonderland that encourages everyone … [Read more…]

Mall Santas: Visiting the North Pole in NJ

Mall Santas in NJ

Updated for 2020! Includes virtual Santa experiences! It’s that time of year again! Santa flies, strolls and parades into malls all across New Jersey. We are lucky to be NJ residents as our selection of malls is vast making the holiday season even more exciting and festive. Although it seems that Santa arrives earlier and … [Read more…]

Explore the Rails with Thomas and Friends at Liberty Science Center

Thomas and Friends Explore the Rails

You Don’t Need to Pack Your Bags to Visit Sodor! There are few ambassadors to children’s literature and television programming that have withstood the test of time like the jovial and hard-working Thomas the Tank Engine. The original TV series featured model trains with the voice of The Beatles’ Ringo Starr narrating his adventures across … [Read more…]

Splashtastic Upcoming Events at Sahara Sam’s

Splashtastic Sahara Sam's

We are so unbelievably excited and honored to partner with Sahara Sam’s in West Berlin, NJ. Mommy University was provided with a membership in exchange for sharing with our readers all the amazing upcoming Sahara Sam’s experiences for this season including brain boosting fun, events and programs. I hope you will follow us along this incredible journey! … [Read more…]

A Spooktacular Guide to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure

Fright Fest

As the leaves change colors in New Jersey, we often times think that the period for amusement parks is coming to a close but Six Flags Great Adventure presents a whole new world for families as Fright Fest returns every September. The park is transformed from bright and colorful to spine-chilling. The family friendly environment, … [Read more…]

Living History at Wild West City

Living History at Wild West City

WitnessHistory is Alive at Wild West City History often times carries this reputation of being frozen in a book. There are many locations, however, that offer historical re-enactments. What makes history come alive for young children can be introduced with an actor performing from a page in a book. At Wild West City, families take … [Read more…]