Slip Into Learning with Penguins on Ice from SmartGames

Penguins on Ice

In full disclosure, Mommy University was provided Penguins On Ice in exchange for an honest review. Joe Moore stated, “It is practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry.”  Joe made an accurate statement when you think of children’s films like Happy Feet, Penguins of Madagascar.  The best dressed animals have found a … [Read more…]

Brain Boosting Upcoming Events at Wild West City

Wild West City Upcoming Events

Updated for 2020! Established in 1956, Wild West City was created with authentic details from history.  As soon as your feet hit the town, you might notice how wide the streets are and the design of the buildings. That’s because an architect from Dodge City was flown in to create a genuine Wild West feel … [Read more…]

With Beauty Comes Logic: SmartGames Butterflies Review

SmartGames Butterflies

In full disclosure, I was provided Butterflies in exchange for my honest review. I am sure you have noticed by now that we LOVE SmartGames at Mommy University! They offer a wide variety of fun logic games for individuals of all ages. We have reviewed several of them including many travel games. We recently received … [Read more…]