10 Brain Boosting Rainy Day Adventures in NJ

10 Rainy Day Adventures in NJ

Who says you have to sit home on a rainy day? New Jersey offers so many fun and brain boosting indoor adventures that you never have to be bored when it rains again! After researching what NJ has to offer along with places we have visited, I have put together a list of rainy day … [Read more…]

Brain Boosting Sleepovers in NJ

Brain Boosting Sleepovers

Have you slept under a blue whale? How about under a T. Rex? Have you slept with lions?  As a kid there is so much wonder in sleeping in a room that is not your bedroom whether it is a friend’s house or a campground, but there are also so many amazing places that offer … [Read more…]

10 Brain Boosting Winter Experiences in NJ

Winter Experiences

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do this winter that will also boost your child’s academic and cognitive development? Well, of course your answer is YES! There are so many wonderful activities, events and places to see during the winter in New Jersey that it is hard to narrow down the choices. … [Read more…]