Blasting Off with the Millennium Falcon UV Light Laser

Millennium Falcon UV Light Laser

In full disclosure, we were provided the Millennium Falcon UV Light Laser from Uncle Milton Toys in exchange for our honest review. Now you can destroy the Death Star from your own home! While the Millennium Falcon may not have looked like a lot to Luke Skywalker, let’s be honest, it is one of the coolest space … [Read more…]

A Roaring Good Time with Dino Construction Company

Dino Construction Company

Mommy University received Dino Construction Rocko the Styracousaurus Dump Truck and Dino Construction Company Build and Smash Set from Educational Insights as part of the EI program.  A review is not required, however, we love reviewing products we feel have educational benefits. Kids love playing with toy dinosaurs. They also love playing with construction vehicles. So why … [Read more…]