Virtual Animal Encounters

It’s not easy to be stuck at home every day but we are working hard to find things to keep us entertained. Besides playing board games, going outside, cooking and reading together, we are also really enjoying the Virtual Tours and Experiences found online. My family especially LOVES the Virtual Animal Encounters that are being offered at zoos and aquariums around the country. Each day we are learning about new animals including where they live, what they like to eat and how they live in the wild. We are also learning how they are meticulously cared for in their new homes. At Mommy University, we have always found zoos and aquariums to be incredibly educational for kids of all ages, and now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual Animal Encounters

American Dairy Association Virtual Tours

Mooove along to The American Dairy Association which offers virtual tours to several different farms with the topics based on age.

Cape May County Zoo

Virtual Tour Cape May County Zoo

Each day at 11:30am (EST) the Cape May County Zoo will be posting a video on Facebook! This virtual tour will feature different animals found around the zoo. Share your at home projects inspired by this tour with #CMCZooSchool.

Cincinnati Zoo

virtual animal encounter at the Cincinnati Zoo

Every day at 3pm, the Cincinnati Zoo will feature a different resident in a virtual animal encounter. This Facebook LIVE allows observers to ask questions and learn more about the animals and their needs. Their YouTube channel is also filled with plenty of fun videos in case you miss the live including clips of our favorite, Fiona the Hippo.

Dallas Zoo

As often as they can, the Dallas Zoo will Bring the Zoo to You via their Facebook page. They already have some amazing videos on their page that you can watch right now!

Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo is offering Zoo School Live on Facebook every day at 11am (EST). The event includes a fun animal encounter and a Q & A.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is offering LIVE Facebook events Monday-Friday at 11am (CST). You will learn all about animals and get to ask the zookeepers questions.

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium

It is the goal of Mystic Aquarium to go LIVE each day on Facebook! We love Mystic, check our review here. If you haven’t been, definitely add to your bucket list after social distancing is over.

New England Aquarium

Enjoy a Virtual Visit to the New England Aquarium where they will introduce you to beautiful and unique sea creatures like sea lions, eels and lobsters.

Oklahoma City Zoo

Each day at 2pm (CST), OKC Zoo offers a virtual experience on their website. Each experience offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the zoo including tours, chats and even animal exams.

San Diego Zoo

Head over to the San Diego Zoo Facebook page for some fun LIVE animal encounters. They will feature amazing animals each day.

Tenafly Nature Center

The Tenafly Nature Center will be introducing their animal ambassadors as well as showing LIVE feedings on Facebook.

Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is hosting a Virtual Voyage every day at 2pm (EST) on Facebook through March 30. You will get to go behind the scenes, tour the Zoo, enjoy animal encounters and ask questions to the Keepers and Education staff.


Every day ZooAmerica will feature in a Facebook LIVE a different animal that is fun and educational. The event takes place at 11:00am (EST).

Live Webcams

Families can also enjoy LIVE webcams from zoos and aquariums all over the United States (and the world). Now is your chance to visit a location you have never been to before like the Houston Zoo or The National Aquarium!

Duke Farms Eagle Webcam

The Georgia Aquarium Beluga Whale Webcam

The Georgia Aquarium Jelly Webcam

The Georgia Aquarium Underwater Puffin Webcam

The Georgia Aquarium Ocean Voyager Webcam

The Georgia Aquarium Indo-Pacific Webcam

The Houston Zoo Giraffe Webcam

The Houston Zoo Gorilla Webcam

The Houston Zoo Elephant Webcam

The Houston Zoo Leafcutter Ant Webcam

The Houston Zoo Rhino Webcam

The Houston Zoo Chimpanzee Webcam

Jenkinson Aquarium Penguin Cam

Liberty Science Center Mole Rat Webcam

Liberty Science Center Tamarins Webcam

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Webcams

The National Aquarium Blacktip Reef Live Cam

The National Aquarium Pacific Coral Reef Live Cam

The San Diego Zoo Webcams

Smithsonian’s National Zoo Webcams

Maryland Zoo

Memphis Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo in the UK

Reid Park Zoo

Kansas City Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo

Chattanooga Zoo

Alaska Zoo Polar Bear Webcam

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  1. Hello there is a wonderful animal sanctuary in Dunnellon Florida that is offering virtual animal tours. What we found amazing is that they do charge a small fee( to help feed the animals) they also offer free visits to schools.
    They should definitely be on your list.

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