Awesome Book Lists for Kids

One of the greatest gifts our children can receive from us is a love of reading! A child who reads, travels the world from the living room. A child who reads, develops a greater sense of empathy and understanding. When a child reads a book, they can absorb  factual information or become a character in an adventure. It inspires them to envision careers and roles that may be new to them. As well, the world of language opens with leaps in vocabulary that will astound you. The key to reading is to read everyday and have fun!

Since our first year at Mommy University, we have been compiling Awesome Book Lists that your family can use that are organized by category. As children develop an interest in a topic, follow that interest to see where it leads. Reading books can help not only fuel that curiosity but build essential reading skills. Here are some posts on encouraging reading as well as awesome books lists for kids!

Encouraging a Love of Reading

Awesome Shark Books

Awesome Books Inspired by a Song

Awesome Train Books

Awesome Dinosaur Books

10 Awesome Zoo Books

out of this world books

10 Awesome Books about Farms

10 Awesome Books about Insects

Back to School Books

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