Embracing 40

As I approach the young age of 40, I am taking stock in my life. I mean, let’s be honest, half my life has already been lived so the second half has to be even more kick ass right?! Although I am entering a new age bracket, I still feel like a kid sometimes. An insecure kid always trying to prove herself to those around her. Always trying to make everyone happy and ensure that everyone likes her.

The past 6 years have really made me grow and adjust. Not because of my age but because of my experiences. I have lost more loved ones than I care to count (including my father and grandmother), I watched my sister who is also my best friend move over a thousand miles away and I lost friendships I thought I would have forever. These things change a person.

As I turn 40, I will continue on my journey to find myself, but it will be a more positive adventure. No more putting myself down and thinking I am not good enough. Life is too short for that. I won’t feel bad for the things I am passionate about even if it’s wearing Mickey ears, watching Harry Potter marathons, eating dessert and dancing in the rain. In fact, maybe I will do all of those things at the same time. Who cares? I’m 40!

To start my journey, I am creating a list to remind myself of my goal of self-love. I am making a promise to myself to do the following:

I’m not going to try so hard…to make sure people like me.

I am going to try harder…to make sure I like myself.

I am going to take more naps (because they are awesome).

I am going to give more of myself to those who need it and less to those that don’t.

I will seek balance.

I am going to take more walks in the rain.

I will remind my friends how much I appreciate their support.

I will travel to unknown places.

I will stop living in the past and focus on the present.

I will simplify my life.

I will stand up for myself more.

I will make self-care a priority.

I will do my best to not allow other people’s opinions control how I feel about myself and influence the choices I make in my life.

I will put down my phone and embrace the moment.

Most of all, I will just BE ME.

Turning 40 is a scary, life-changing event. Instead of running and hiding, I am choosing to embrace the change. I am choosing to embrace 40!

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