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Raising a reader in these current times can be challenging because children gravitate towards screens like a moth to a flame. As an educator, I know that reading with my children promotes a love of learning so I will read books to them as much as I can; however, the attraction to my various devices along with the television and even the car radio can distract my kids. When I was introduced to the Lunii creation “My Fabulous Storyteller” I immediately fell in love but what is even better is that my daughter did as well.

Lunii is a French based company that designed the audible device “My Fabulous Storyteller,” affectionately called “Lunii.” On Lunii, children can choose different elements that make up 48 different stories that last from 3-7 minutes. The audio box lacks a screen but nonetheless my children were fascinated by the storyteller. Compact in size, it easily slips in a tote bag and can be used immediately. As soon as ours was removed from the box, we powered the Lunii to find that it was already equipped with adventures.

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Benefits of Lunii

Grows the Imagination

Since Lunii lacks a screen, children are actually using their own imagination to visualize the characters, locations and events in the stories taking place. The stories are changed each time a different element is used. Even though Lunii begins with the possibility of 48 different stories, you can download the Luniistore to purchase, download or manage the audio box which can accommodate over 100 stories. In fact, once we downloaded the program on our computer, we were provided with six additional stories called the “Goodnight Stories” for FREE!

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Builds Vocabulary

One benefit of reading stories is the increased exposure to vocabulary. My son has a tendency to pick books that teach different facts; however, he is listening to the same types of words repeatedly. Lunii is a fabulous option to explore new imaginative experiences while building his growing list of words. With over 160 stories available through the Luniistore, my children will encounter new words, stories and adventures.

Encourages Multi-Lingual Skills

Born in France, Lunii’s first language is French but it actually tells stories in 8 different languages. For my friend’s daughters who speak French, this is a great option as much as it is for my family when we introduce Spanish into our home. For your family, German or Italian may be a language you would like your child to hear more often, and the Lunii offers this opportunity in an engaging method.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Great for a Road Trip

Learning adventures can be easily transported with the Lunii. Due to our hectic summer schedule, my kids have been carrying some essentials to keep engaged. For my daughter, the Lunii has traveled to the library, appointments, errands and road trips. Lunii is rechargeable for up to ten hours so I know we are prepared for the short and long road trips in the car and nights in the hotel.

Lunii was previously only available in the MOMA Design Store but now can be purchased on Amazon! Priced for less than $70, Lunii is a fabulous gift that offers multiple benefits to developing young minds.

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