5 Reasons to Make Hershey Your Summer Travel Destination

Sweetest FamiliesI am so unbelievably excited to be chosen as one of Hershey, PA’s Sweetest Families. Through this program I am able to bring you all the sweet adventures Hershey has to offer this year. I have been provided passes, tickets and/or compensation for my reviews but all opinions are my own as I have always been a big fan of Hershey!


Every summer we look forward to our trip to Hershey. Whether we stay at the Hershey Lodge, Hotel Hershey or Hersheypark Camping Resort, we always have a memorable experience. Besides the amazing benefits and adventures offered by the resorts, the town of Hershey itself also offers endless fun for travelers. There are so many sweet experiences the entire family will love. Here are just some of the many reasons you should make Hershey your summer travel destination just like us!

5 Reasons to Make Hershey, PA Your Summer Travel Destination

Fun for All Ages

What I love most about Hershey is that there is something for everyone. Whether you are 8, 38 or 80, Hershey offers an adventure you will enjoy. At Hersheypark, there are rides for all ages and entertainment the entire family can experience together (even grandparents). At ZooAmerica (which is included with admission to Hersheypark), guests can take a relaxing stroll while learning about and seeing animals from all over North America. Don’t forget Chocolate World too that offers chocolate tastings, a 4-D show, a FREE factory tour ride and more. You can also enjoy The Hershey Story Museum, Hershey Theatre, Hershey Gardens, spas and more to during your trip!

Hersheypark Ride Collage

Beat the Heat

Hersheypark is the perfect place to beat the heat this summer. The Boardwalk offers endless opportunities to cool off, and it is included with your ticket to the park. Kids will love exploring the East Coast Waterworks while parents will enjoy floating around the Intercoastal Waterway. There are even spaces dedicated to little ones like Sandcastle Cove and Shoreline Sprayground.

If you’re a thrill seeker, then make sure you check out the 2 new water slides! Breakers Edge Water Coaster is the first hydroMAGNETIC coaster with flying saucer turns that will offer a thrilling experience for the entire family. Rafts fit 4 riders making it a perfect experience for family and friends.

Breakers Edge Water Coaster

Whitecap Racer is the longest mat racing slide in the world. Riders will race through turns and tunnels and choose between 6 colorful racing lanes. Guests can register before riding and keep track of their race time throughout the day. Riders can also have a picture with stats emailed to them as memorabilia!

Whitecap Racer

Prevent the Summer Slide

Each summer kids will often regress academically due to a lack of exposure to educational experiences but there are many ways parents can prevent what’s often referred to as the “summer slide.” At Hershey, kids can participate in fun brain boosting activities that help stimulate academic and cognitive development. Here are just some of the educational experiences your kids will LOVE:

  • Chocolate Lab class
  • Chocolate Tasting class
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Tour Ride
  • Trolley Tour
  • Exploring the Hershey Story Museum
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Camping

The Hershey Story Adult Chocolate Tastings

Amazing Entertainment

This summer, Hershey offers some of the best entertainment around. At Hersheypark, families will love the strolling performers including The Hersheypark Band and Cocoa Rhythm as well as performances by The Waves and The Soda Pops. Guests will also be thoroughly entertained by Big Top Dreams, the new musical playing at the Music Box Theatre which is FREE with admission! After a day at the park, guests can see some of their favorite bands perform at the Hersheypark Stadium or the Giant Center. Check out this summer’s amazing line-up here.

Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

The most important reason to make Hershey your summer travel destination is the chance to create memories that last a lifetime. I have so many incredible memories of visiting when I was a kid, and I hold them all very dear to my heart. Now, I am making new memories with my children. From watching my husband teach our son how to cook on an open fire at Hersheypark Camping Resort to riding with my boys on their FIRST upside down roller coaster (SooperDooperLooper) to riding the Chocolate Factory Tour ride for the 100th time, each experience creates a new memory that I hope my kids will hold dear to their heart one day too!

Whitecap Racer Stats

Want to create your own family memories at Hershey? Visit the Hersheypark website to learn more and start planning your sweet adventure!

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  1. Barbara

    Hershey Park is one of those places where a family can go and have fun! It is clean, safe and reasonably priced. It has something for everyone, young or old. It is family oriented and works with all family members.

  2. Erin

    I absolutely LOVE Hershey Park! I havent been in so long but you can bet I’ll be making it there this summer!

  3. LORI

    My family Loves HersheyPark. It’s clean and fun and it has something for all of us. I especially love the refreshing water rides in the Boardwalk!

  4. Chantae

    I want to win Hershey Park tickets for my family because it is one of our favorite amusement parks. It’s perfect for my whole family.

  5. Kimberly

    I love Hersey Park for many reasons but one big one is its fun for family and all ages,
    big rides are next to small rides so everyone is happy at same time.

  6. Elle

    I went many times as a kid and a teenager but haven’t been there in years and would love to go w/ my family.

  7. Nidhi Chauhan

    Hersey-park is our family favorite park. Kids are always ready and excited for the Hersey trip and meet their favorite chocolate characters and to enjoy fun rides. I would love to win for them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Deanna Marissa

    I would love to take my kids to visit Hershey park because its the perfect place to have some FUN family time. Kids loves coaster rides. Best part is making memories with my family. Hope I win!

  9. Stacy F.

    Would LOVE to take our about to be 5 year old, she’s never been and 1, loves chocolate! 2 water parks are her thing! WIN WIN!

  10. Julie

    It’s a place that we’ve visited every year since I was a kid! I have such fond memories of Pennsylvania

  11. Jim Hayes

    It’s been several years since my wife and I went to Hersheypark. We want to get on all the new rides they’ve had since we were last there.

  12. Danielle D.

    I want to win Hershey Park tickets because my family would like to try out the new coaster which is called the Breakers Edge Water Coaster which is the worlds first HydromagnetIc water coaster and the Whitecap Racer would be so cool since it’s the world’s longest mat racer, and of course, a little chocolate never hurts anyone!😀

  13. Megan B

    We would love to visit Hershey with my two girls! The Butterfly atrium at Hershey Gardens would be their little heaven!

  14. Layna

    I’ve heard 27463728 times this year, “I want to go to Hershey Park.” I think my kids are trying to give me a hint.

  15. Jessica Orlando

    We were planning on taking our boys for their first Hershey trip this summer! They are at the perfect age and I can enjoy all the treats!

  16. We love an adventurous family day filled with rides, water fun – and of course food – what could be better than some delicious chocolate to finish the day??!!

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