Find the Beauty in Life

Each morning I feel like I am in race that I can never win but one morning was particularly rough. I looked around my house in pure defeat as the sink was full of dishes, lunches weren’t made and my house was trashed. Then I walked outside to escape ┬áto start my car and was taken aback by the most spectacular sky. The beautiful and calming shades of pink and blue gave me a sense of peace. It told me to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty in life.

As parents, we often get caught up in the messiness of our lives and miss the beauty. While worrying about how my kids are destroying my house, I forget to notice the beauty in their creations. I miss the wonder and excitement in their eyes. I forget to be grateful for having 2 amazing, beautiful and healthy boys.

It is so hard to slow down and stop planning every moment of our lives. We stress ourselves out trying to make sure our kids have an amazing childhood when all we are doing is missing most of it. We capture so much with our phones but we miss the moments with our own eyes. We capture a cute smile, a cool dance move or a unique art creation but as we are posting this captured moment on social media, we often miss what happens next.

As you embark on each new day, promise to take the time to be present. Not just to answer questions or watch a movie. I mean be REALLY present. Notice the small details in your child’s face. Take note of how they stand, what they wear and who they are. Understand who they are now and who they want to be in the future. See the beauty in everyday moments. See the beauty in life!

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