Our Favorite Moments from the Pumpkin Festival at Whippany Railway Museum

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There is a tranquility when riding on a train that I believe is especially increased during the fall. Sitting on a padded seat as you pass fields and trees, the colors of red, orange and yellow blend into the colors we cherish at this time of the year. At Mommy University, we have compiled a listing of Fall Trains in New Jersey that highlights the available trains to enjoy including the volunteer run Whippany Railway Museum.

The Whippany Railway Museum has existed since 1965. The museum is open to visitors on Sundays from noon to 4pm in April to October; however, this volunteer run organization also hosts excursion rides which offer many the experience of riding in a caboose and restored club car! One of their largest events is the Annual Pumpkin Festival which is the perfect time to enjoy on a leisure ride passing the colorful foliage of Autumn.

For close to twenty years, the Pumpkinliner has departed from the Whippany Railway Station for a thirty minute ride in the Whippanong Valley of Morris County. Held rain or shine, trains run throughout the afternoon. At the station, families can explore the Whippany Railway Museum, the outdoor train model or explore the vendors that range from train toys to pumpkins. It is a wonderful family event especially for young children who will be enthralled with the whole experience. We attended the 2017 Pumpkin Festival which added a new twist with the addition of the Hanover Mayor’s Wellness Festival. So, what are some of the experiences we enjoyed at the 2017 Pumpkin Festival?

pumpkin festival whippany railway museum

Mommy University Presents

Our Favorite Moments at the Pumpkin Festival

Visit the Museum

The Museum is located across the tracks with memorabilia that promotes academic learning. Children can look at information about trains, boats and history. It is a visual cornucopia for little ones, and it is my personal recommendation to stop in before the ride and pick up some great quality engineer hats! The other feature that will thrill young children is the model train inside that dominates the room and has been decorated for Halloween.

Watch the Model Train

I love that there is a model train inside the museum where children can press buttons to activate lights AND there is a model train outside when the weather is nice. Your kids will see Thomas as well as other model trains moving down a long track. The volunteers even invited children to load rocks on some of the trains!

pumpkin festival whippany railway museum

Talk to a Conductor

The Whippany Railway Museum is run by informed and caring volunteers. They are passionate about sustaining the railway but you will be surprised how much your children can learn by asking questions. On our return trip, we had a great conversation with the Conductor who was sharing information about the different cars.

Enjoy the Ride!

During our ride, families were talking, joking and laughing. It was the most pleasant ride. My children were thrilled to take this excursion ride as well. It was a nice time to talk, look out the window and have a family experience together.

Stopping for Health

This year, the Whippany Railway Museum partnered with the Hanover Mayor so our ride actually stopped and allowed us to attend the Wellness Festival. Children could learn about soccer from the Red Bulls Street Team, listen to a story and enjoy a crisp apple from Wegmans. Launching rockets to learn about science and enjoying a mindful moment through yoga were two of our favorite experiences.

pumpkin festival whippany railway museum

The Pumpkin Festival is an Annual Event that offers families a wide variety of experiences. It was reasonable priced this year in 2017 as adults were $14 and children were $9. The snacks sold are affordable and make sure to pick up pumpkin to take home! Tickets for the 2018 Pumpkin Festival go on sale on January 2018.

Whippany Railway Museum is located at 1 Railroad Plz, Whippany, NJ.

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