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This summer we were introduced to a unique new learning tool that my kids fell in love with. We took Flip ‘N’ Check on our two summer road trips which not only had the kids learning while traveling but also had us rolling in laughter as well as working together as a family. Flip ‘N’ Check are dry erase activity books that allow kids to play and learn over and over again.

How Does It Work?

Each Flip ‘N’ Check activity book comes with a dry erase pen and 20 activity sheets. One sheet at a time is placed under a clear plastic cover in the book. The learner then uses the dry erase pen to┬ácomplete the activity. Once completed, the learner takes out the sheet, flips it over then puts it back under the plastic cover. The answers are revealed so the child can see if he/she was correct. What a fun way to learn!

Flip-n-Check Corrections Page

Flip ‘N’ Check comes in three themes: Mad Libs, Brain Games and Ocean Explorer. My boys enjoyed all three books; however, my oldest son enjoyed Mad Libs the most and played it frequently during our road trips. Although the activity books are recommend for children ages 7 and up, my 5-year-old really enjoyed many of the activities such as the mazes and connect the dots.

Benefits of Using Flip ‘N’ Check Activity Books

Never-ending Learning

Since the answers can be erased, the activities can be completed over and over again. This is especially true with the Mad Libs book as kids can come up with new nouns, verbs and adjectives each time creating new and unique stories. Kids can also erase mistakes and start over without ruining the paper. In addition, the books can be shared with friends and family allowing them to provide learning fun again and again!

Flip-n-check Dot to Dot

Increases Fine Motor Skills

Each time a child makes their way through a maze, connects all the dots and writes the answers to a questions, they are enhancing their fine motor sills. Flip ‘N’ Check allows new writers as well as those with fine motor difficulties, to erase their answers and try again until they are able to do it correctly. Many of the activities themselves also increase fine and visual motor skills as well.

My son enhanced his writing skills each time he used the Flip-N-Check.

My son enhanced his writing skills each time he used the Flip ‘N’ Check.

Enhances Language Development

As kids engage in Flip ‘N’ Check activities such as Mad Libs, answering trivia questions and creating compound words, kids are gaining important language skills. Younger kids can learn basic letters, words and sounds, while older kids will expand their vocabulary. Kids also talk about what they did and learned which increases their conversational language skills.

Flip n Check Mad Libs

Promotes Family Bonding

You may be wondering how what is meant to be a single-player activity can promote family bonding, but it definitely does! During our road trips, I had so much fun helping my kids solve problems and answer questions. We also all worked together to provide words for the Mad Libs which made the final product a fun family project. My boys loved showing me their answers and beamed with pride when they were correct.

Family Working Together on Flip-n-Check

My son loved working on his activity with his aunt!

Flip ‘N’ Check books are not only perfect for road trips but also great for classrooms, as a supplement to home school lessons and a fun way to enhance learning during school breaks. Activities include mazes, word searches, spot the differences, trivia, crossword puzzles and much more! Flip ‘N’ Check books can be purchased at various learning stores such as Learning Express and on Amazon (affiliate link). Find out more about this amazing learning tool on the Flip ‘N’ Check website.

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  1. Thank you to Mommy University for the review of our Flip ‘N’ Check Books! We have spent many hours developing and play testing the books and found that kids love to play the games- what kid doesn’t like a dry-erase game? Fun fact: The inventor of Connect 4 worked with us on developing the line of books.

    -The Flip ‘N’ Check team

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