Charmed by Magic Sketch: A Unique Writing Tool for Kids

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It is difficult when you watch your children resist writing. When they are asked to fill out ditto sheets at school, it can get frustrating because it is not always re-writing repeatedly until their fingers are exhausted. When we can make writing fun and interesting they want to do it. It’s amazing how much I don’t have to prompt them to write on The Magic Sketch.

The Magic Sketch is a liquid screen that when pressure is applied creates an image. You can use a stylus to draw, and when you are done, just press the button to erase. It is electronic in that it is supported with a battery but it never plugs into a tablet or computer so it doesn’t have that rabbit hole affect you might notice with electronic devices. Rather, this is an electronic notepad. My favorite part is that what is drawn has a rainbow color so it encourages children to be extremely creative. This learning toy offers many positives!

Magic Sketch Product

Mommy University

Is Charmed by The Magic Sketch

Encourages the Reluctant Writer

As the parent of a child who resists writing due to low muscle tone, I am always seeking out unique methods to encourage him to embrace writing. He gets easily frustrated as he wants to draw sharks and submarines, but loses steam when he can’t. With The Magic Sketch, a child can easily erase their page with the press of a button and start again. He never runs out of paper but he also hasn’t connected that drawing on the Magic Sketch is similar to drawing on paper. This “toy” is fun and doesn’t have a negative association.

Improves Confidence

The Magic Sketch includes stencils which can be placed in between the screen and the case. The stencils range from drawings children can trace to templates with letters and numbers so they can practice their handwriting. The stencils are organized into Drawing, Games and Learning. My son loves mazes, which is available in the Games stencils. This is a great strategy to have him improve his writing skills. Tracing allows them to practice and become more confident writers and artists.

Explores Creativity

The Magic Sketch is an eternal blank notepad that invites children to draw, draw some more and draw all over again. Using the stylus pen to draw images freestyle, using their own imagination or removing the blue case and placing the screen on top of an image they want to trace, there are so many ways to play. As well, included in the set are multiple tools that allow children to experiment with different shapes and patterns in their drawings.

Charmed by Magic Sketch

Reduces Waste

In order for children to become confident at writing, a significant amount of practice, and usually on paper, is required. There are days I visualized the type of tree that was sacrificed so my son could write his name effectively. If you are conscientious about how much paper children use, then The Magic Sketch offers fabulous writing practice for young kids without wondering how many trees were killed or how much you have to hang on the wall.

The Magic Sketch

Ready to Travel

Due to its compact size, The Magic Sketch is perfect for travel. You can pick and choose how many accessories to bring along, and the screen and papers are easy enough to slide in the pouch of the backseat. Children don’t require assistance using The Magic Sketch and the additional sheets enable classic games like Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman to be played while traveling.

Charmed by Magic Sketch

Included with The Magic Sketch is a protective case, 4 styluses, 1 roller, 3 stamps and 60 stencils. The deluxe set is sold for less than $30 on the Magic Sketch website or on Amazon. It is perfect for road trips and travel and is the perfect learning tool during the school year or in the summer while avoiding the summer slide. This innovative and sturdy design can be used with young children and will have a long life in your household especially since the battery is expected to last seven years.

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