5 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

The summer is a time for kids to play, explore, have fun and get messy but it’s also a time to learn. Just because kids are no longer in school, it doesn’t mean the learning has to or should stop. In fact, it is important to decrease the summer slide by encouraging fun ways for kids to learn and grow all summer long!

One amazing way to keep kids learning throughout the summer is by READING! Most schools require summer reading while others just provide recommended book lists. Some kids have to write reports while others just have to keep a running list of books read. No matter the school requirement or recommendation, encouraging summer reading is a MUST!

Many children enjoy reading. They love visiting the library and curling up with a good book but for others, it feels like a chore. I am sure you have received the eye rolls, whining and even stomping of the feet when you asked your child to read over the summer. I get it! It’s nice out and they would rather play outside. This is why I have come up with 5 ways to encourage a love of summer reading so kids can get excited again about picking up a good book!

5 Ways to Encourage Summer Reading

Join a Summer Reading Program

The easiest way to encourage summer reading is by joining a summer reading program. Whether it’s at your local library, Barnes and Noble or TD Bank, summer reading programs offer wonderful incentives to get kids reading. While some provide weekly prizes others offer rewards at the end of the program. Whatever the reward, it will definitely encourage reading this summer. Check out our list of Unique Summer Reading Programs.

Barnes and Noble Reading Program 2017

Read Together

Whether it is to read a story to your child, taking turns reading a book together or just reading next to each other, reading together as a family is a wonderful way to encourage kids to read this summer. I recommend picking a time each day designated for reading. Let your little one pick out the books they want you to read to them or read your child’s summer reading assignment together. This summer we decided to read Harry Potter together as a family. It is a fun way to encourage a love of reading while getting ready for our trip to Universal.

Reading Harry Potter

Create a Reward System

A fun way to encourage reading is to create your own reward system at home. For example, if your child reads for 30 minutes each day, they can earn ice cream over the weekend. You can reward them for every 5 or 10 books they read. Have your kids involved in creating the reward system to get them even more excited!

Make a Reading Nook

Sometimes all it takes to encourage an interest in reading is to create a comfortable reading space for kids to escape to. Whether it is under a tent, on a rocking chair or in a DIY reading nook, making a secluded, quiet and personalized space will get kids interested in reading during the summer and all year long. When a child has ownership over something like their own reading area, it becomes more appealing thus encouraging a new-found love of reading.

TFNY 2017: Brain Boosting Toys that Inspire a Love of Reading

Tents like these make for perfect reading nooks indoors and outside!

Read Outside

It’s summer so get outside! Since kids want to be outside anyway, why not encourage them to read there too? Create a fun reading space in their tree house, swingset or on the deck. Let them pick out books that are themed around the outdoors to add to the fun. The beach, lake and park are great places to read all summer long!

I hope these ideas help you encourage summer reading!


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