A Royal Review of Roxey Ballet’s Cinderella

In full disclosure, we were provided tickets in exchange for our honest review. The opinions expressed belong to Mommy University.

Cinderella is the classic story that transcends time of how courage and hope defies cruelty. The Roxey Ballet Company interpreted this story using graceful ballet, stunning costumes and quirky comic relief. This ballet performance had all the requisite elements for a successful performance, however, it also contained a little bit more of something. On the surface it may be hard to detect but it exists before the eyes of the audience and in the most subtle touches of the program.

Roxey Ballet has sincerity. Their performance was inclusive asĀ one of the dancers was in a wheelchair which may be due to their Wheels and Bodies in Motion classes. They hosted an additional sensory friendly performance so that individuals with autism spectrum can enjoy the fine arts. These small touches demonstrate that this performance of Cinderella is unique and wonderful.

Mommy University was invited to attend the sensory friendly performance of Cinderella. Sensory Friendly performances have changes that enable those to attend who may otherwise feel overwhelmed by the volume of music, intensity of lights, or requirement to sit down. Cinderella kept us in our seats captivated by gravity defying dancing but we didn’t overlook how Roxey Ballet encouraged us to appreciate the fine arts and expand our minds.


Mommy University Presents

Royal Benefits of Roxey Ballet’s Sensory Friendly Cinderella

Encouraging Comfort

Performances that are loud or contains intense surprises can be upsetting to individuals who feel more comfortable with routine. While it doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy movies, music or shows, it can be stressful for the individual or their family who is nervous about how they might react. The Sensory friendly performance is shorter in length and contains less intense music and lights that encourage audience members to feel comfortable.

Access to a Quiet Space

While it can be overwhelming for some individuals when there is too much noise or the lights can be intense it can also be overwhelming even with those items are taken into consideration. This is why I was impressed with the quiet space that audience members had access to during the show. The room included some toys, puzzles, sensory bins, and my favorite calm down jars.


Quiet space at sensory friendly performance by Roxey Ballet.

Exposure to Ballet

In the past, families who have someone with autism might have avoided the fine arts because they feared that individual would get upset or those around them will stare or question if they will even enjoy the experience. Roxey Ballet, however, offered opportunities for everyone to develop an appreciation for ballet. We believe in exposing our children to art as much as science so that they have a better understanding of the world. I felt better that my son was able to retreat to the space provided when he no longer could sit still.


Roxey Ballet Company approaches its 23rd Season in 2017-18. Their season runs from September to June including a Fall mainstage concert and a Holiday production of The Nutcracker as well as Spring and Winter productions. Roxey Ballet offers Wheels and Bodies in Motion which welcomes seated and standing dancers at all levels. As they state in their mission statement, “Roxey Ballet is fully accessible to those with disabilities. Its unique and diverse works, elevating tradition to the next level, are inspirational to audiences and artists alike.” As I mentioned, this theatre group has a lot of sincerity which at Mommy University we admire.

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