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Breakdown of 3 Sensory Toys from Play Visions

In full disclosure, we were provided this item in exchange for our honest review. The opinions expressed belong to Mommy University.

As the parent of a child who constantly needs to touch everything, sensory bins and toys are part of our home.  Although I prepare my child frequently of the rules before entering a store, you can hear me say a few thousand times, “look with your eyes and not your hands.” I realize this is a challenge to not touch because I understand that touch helps our body process information. Having sensory toys in our home helps my children in several ways from improving hand strength to fine motor skills to exploring their own creativity.

One of the first sensory toys we reviewed for Mommy University was Sands Alive and irony is that even though the post was published in 2014, my son still pulls out the same red case of the Let’s Go Learn set and plays with it. Now older, he will put away the set when he is done playing. Since then Play Visions, which produces Sands Alive, has released several new toys that provide tactile feedback. Each toy has a different look, texture and appeal to children which we hope to explore within this review.

Mommy University Presents

Breakdown of 3 Sensory Toys from Play Visions

Sands Alive

Sands Alive Construction

As I mentioned, Sands Alive was one of the first reviews I completed for Mommy University in 2014. This unique formula creates a sensory learning toy that invites children to play.  t is an open-ended toy but can be played with in a variety of ways. Typically white, it is a fabulous addition to the household especially when children are sensory seeking or need tools to help them calm down. Recently, Play Visions had released a Glow in the Dark version which my children enjoyed. I will say after three years we still have the Let’s Go Learn set that we reviewed and my children will still pull this toy out to play independently. Prices vary on Amazon (affiliate link) based on Sands Alive product.

Play Dirt

Play Visions Play Dirt

We believe children should play in dirt which is not only good for their immune system but also promotes fine motor skills. However, sometimes playing in the dirt is not an option especially when it is raining or snowing. Play Visions released a sensory toy encouraging children to dig their fingers in without the mess. It looks and feels like dirt but doesn’t transfer to clothes. We recently received Play Dirt Bugs in a Jar which includes 8 ounces of Play Dirt and two plastic insects in bright colors. My son loved playing with this set which is it’s own sensory bin. Priced at $12.99 on Amazon (affiliate link), we featured this toy in our Easter Guide but it makes for a great gift or to add to a sensory bin with other figures.


Play Visions Floof

Floof is marketed is reusable indoor snow. Sold in several styles such as a snowman set, snowball set and the Polar Babies set which we received. The set includes 4 oz. of Floof with 3D molds such as the polar bear, wolf and penguin as well as paw print roller. Floof does remind me of compact snow that is perfect for making snowballs. It holds the shape more than Play Dirt or Sands Alive but is not flaky so it does fall through the fingers. My children enjoyed molding the animals and they loved introducing figurines with this toy like penguins and Frozen characters. I can see this popular during the winter months when the kids want to play in a winter wonderland as well! This has a different texture than Play Dirt and Sands Alive, yet feels wonderful. Play Visions is releasing color changing Floof which creates another layer of engagement from children so keep your eyes open. In the meantime, Floof can be purchased on Amazon (affiliate link) in different kits at various price points.

As I mentioned, as the parent of a sensory seeking child, we have a collection of sensory toys. My children will pull out the tactile toy they want to play with and put it back after done. Play Visions has several options all of which are non-toxic. The company understands that parents don’t want have to clean up huge messes so it is designed to not stick to you or your clothes which we have found to be true. While I have hardwood floors, I still keep these toys contained in one tray to minimize clean up. You can mix figures with these toys, however, do not introduce water as it will compromise their structure.

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