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In New Jersey, there is nothing like pops of color that emerge in our garden after a cold and grey winter. Slowly purple appears in the creeping phlox to the pink of our butterfly bush. Our favorite color, however, is the orange on a butterfly’s wing. We have always been fascinated with these creatures at Mommy University which is why we have compiled a list of Amazing Places to See Butterflies in NJ and have visited most of them. Each year, we stop by to feed butterflies at many of the locations, however, last year what became a transformative moment was watching their metamorphosis at home.

Insect Lore provided us with a sample of the Butterfly Garden Gift Set which includes mesh habitat, chrysalis station, pipette, feeding station and manual. After using the voucher to have the caterpillars sent to our home, every day my children ran downstairs to check on their guests as they consumed food, built their chrysalis and later emerged as Painted Lady Butterflies. Along this scientific journey, we used the stickers for artwork about the butterflies and learned about these unique pollinators. Only a few weeks from start to finish, this activity inspired the scientist in my children and held many benefits.

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Gift

Let’s Play Outdoors Giveaway

from Insect Lore

Small Steps Lead to Big Changes

Insect Lore

Our caterpillars arrived as little critters. They were small and hungry. Since I didn’t know how big they were going to get I photographed them each day. Quickly they appeared to double in size as they ate the food provided in their container. The story of the butterfly in literature is often related to how we all can change and with little steps big changes can occur. My children were able to watch this happen before their eyes as within a few days became chrysalis.

Engaged in STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics)

Insect Lore

Observing butterflies invite children to understand life cycles as well as encourages them to understand the role of pollinators in the environment. While my son focuses on watching how they move and how they develop, my daughter enjoys drawing these creatures. Butterflies appeal to children with different interests while exposing them to a field they may not have thought of before.

Respecting Nature

Insect Lore

Ultimately, the bittersweet moment was releasing our Painted Ladies which we decided to do it at the lake so that they could enjoy all the surrounding flora and fauna. My children didn’t want to let them go but part of supporting nature is recognizing what is best is that these ladies should be free. Opening the habitat, the first butterfly flew away immediately, while the second and third eventually gathered enough energy to leave, and our fourth stayed with us. We placed him on the butterfly bush where he could enjoy delicious nectar and fly when he had sufficient energy.

At the end of this experience my children requested more caterpillars from Insect Lore but sadly we were heading into the inconsistent September weather. Now, when they see butterflies, months later, they are still requesting more caterpillars. This successful activity will become an annual tradition in our household. We are now sharing with Mommy University readers the opportunity to win this awesome learning activity to engage your children.

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Here are the rules and conditions for this amazing giveaway:

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  1. Stephany Mason

    Butterflies are beautiful and my 5 children are always excited when I take them to the local butterfly exhibit.

  2. Pamela Chambers

    This kit would be for my great niece Cailynn. She is 8 years old and was is going through cancer treatments. She would love everything in the kit because she loves all wildlife and nature. She is the first kid to want to go fishing, or who will pick up a bug or other critter. A kit like this would help her pass her time while in treatment.

  3. Pamela Chambers

    I love butterflies because of their varied color/patters and how they flit about. I also am intrigued by their metamorphosis to become a butterfly.

  4. Chely frantzen

    We love the amazing transformation of butterflies and glhoe much they travel. We visit our local nature museum regularly and they have a butterfly sanctuary that is amazing and my kids can learn and see butterflies up close

  5. Dana Rodriguez

    I have been fascinated with them since I was a little girl. My grandpa had a beautiful butterfly garden and I would sit out there for hours and watch all the different butterflies.

  6. Diane Richards

    I love their beautiful, magical grace. There is nothing like seeing a huge cluster of monarch butterflies in a butterfly preserve, warming up on a cool, fall morning, fluttering around as the gets warmer and hearing the happiness of children of all ages seeing them in flight by the hundreds.

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