40+ Ways to Have Fun Outdoors this Spring

There is nothing like the feeling of shedding off the thick winter coat as we welcome spring in New Jersey! For several months our state doesn’t feel like the Garden State as we are covered in snow and the blistering wind. As the sunshine begins to peek into our longer days, we have the strong urge to smell the flowers literally.

It is a challenge for most families to venture into the outdoors during the winter months; however, we are all leaping for joy when we can bring the kids to the playground to burn that excess energy. We have compiled a list of other ways that your family can have fun outdoors this spring!

Mommy University Presents

40+ Ways to Have Fun Outdoors this Spring

1.  Blow dandelions

2.  Admire the first appearance of bees

3.  Enjoy a BBQ

4.  Visit a Farmers Market

5.  Plant seeds

The Dig and Discover Shovel is perfect for scooping dirt up and filling pots for gardening.

6.  Fly a kite

7.  See the spring babies at a petting zoo

8.  Take a stroll on the boardwalk

9.  Find ladybugs

10.  Visit a public garden

Grounds for Sculpture

11.  Enjoy KIPD (Knit in Public Day)

12.  See new sights at the zoo

13.  Firehouse wetdown

14.  Find a rainbow

15.  Indulge in Ice Cream (and we have a listing of Free ones too!)


16.  Play lawn tic tac toe

17.   Jump in puddles

18.  Go for a bike ride

19.  Feed ducks

20.  Find tadpoles at a Nature Center

Tadpoles at Essex County Environmental Center

21.  Watch the sunset

22.  Play Tag

23.  Play hopscotch

24.  Wash the car

25.  Visit a spring or Earth Day Festival

Essex County Environmental Center

26.  Skip rocks

27.  Discover the Forest

28.  Build a fairy garden

29.  Run through the sprinklers

30. Go on an egg hunt

egg hunt on the beach

31.  Pick wildflowers

32.  Walk barefoot in the grass

33.  Climb a tree

34.  Dance in the rain

35.  Pick berries

Strawberry Picking

36.  Have a picnic

37.  Admire cherry blossoms

38.  Go fishing

39.  Catch a baseball game

40.  Smell the flowers

Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

41.  Paddle a boat

42.  Look for four leaf clovers

43.  Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

44.  Go kayaking

45.  Look for signs of spring in a Scavenger Hunt


46.  Drive a vehicle at Diggerland

47.  Go back in time at Wild West City

Wild West City Stagecoach

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