Fun Ways to Celebrate the Release of The Lego Batman Movie

I am a huge fan of The Lego Movie. I am not ashamed to admit that on many occasions I have sat on the couch and watched it WITHOUT any kids in sight. I love the adult humor interwoven throughout the movie, and my kids love the cartoon aspect as well as following the characters’ many adventures. This makes it the perfect movie for the entire family to enjoy together!

The Lego Batman Movie, released February 10, promises to be just as fun and adventurous at the original movie. Although we have not made our way to the theatre yet, we are certainly celebrating its release. There are so many fun and brain boosting ways to get excited for the new movie, and we wanted to share them with you!

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Release of The Lego Batman Movie

Batman Lego Sets

At Mommy University, we LOVE Lego bricks. They offer amazing developmental benefits for kids (and adults) of all ages. Lego offers a large variety of Batman building sets for all ages. To get excited for the release of the The Lego Batman Movie, we put together a set my son received for his birthday, Lego Juniors Batman & Superman vs. Lex Luthor (affiliate link included). While building, he enhanced fine motor, problem solving, visual-motor and spatial organization skills. When done, his imagination was sparked and he engaged in pretend play with his brother. It made for a very fun afternoon! You can use our Amazon affiliate link to find more Lego Batman sets.

Lego Batman Set

Barnes and Noble Batman Events

In February and March, Barnes and Noble stores will be holding FREE The Lego Batman Movie Events. Kids will enjoy Batman themed activities including make and play experiences. Each guest will also receive 2 limited-edition trading cards featuring characters from the movie. Check your local store for times and a schedule of events.

Create Your Own Lego SigFig

The Lego Batman website has such great activities. For instance, you can take a selfie with the caped crusader and create your own SigFig. This character can be downloaded to your phone, computer or social media. You can even use it to play in the Lego Batman movie games.

Lego Batman SigFig

FREE Lego Batman Event at Target

On February 18, 2017, from 10 am-1 pm Batman fans can unite in celebrating the release of The Lego Batman Movie at their local Target store. Participants will enjoy an in-store scavenger hunt as well as receive FREE Batman prizes like stickers and posters. Check with your local Target store for more information.

Lego Batman Happy Meals at McDonald’s

You may want to build a meal before or after the movie, and McDonald’s is including Lego Batman toys in the Happy Meals! You can also head over to the website for additional activity sheets!


Lego Batman Movie Days at Legoland Discovery Center

At Legoland Discover Centers all around the world, families can enjoy Lego Batman Movie Days now through March 2. Events include building activities, character meet and greets, scavenger hunts and more. Check your closest Legoland Discovery Center for more information and to purchase tickets.

Lego Batman Coloring Sheets

Lego has released free coloring sheets that you can print of the different characters. This is a great thing to have available. If your child hesitates to color they are more likely to want to color a page that interests them like Lego Batman.

 Lego Batman Trailer
How will you celebrate Lego Batman?

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