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The Lightwire Theater:  A Very Electric Christmas

Combining festive holiday music against the bold lights of the massive puppets of Lightwire Theater, audience members were transported to another world. This was one of the most unique theater experiences my family has enjoyed. A rare combination of music, lights and characters, brought us to a whole new world that I still think about and smile. The presentation of A Very Electric Christmas at WP Presents! reinforces the absolute pleasure that the family series offers the community.

WP Presents!

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Get Electrified at WP Presents!

Prior to A Very Electric Christmas, children were invited to participate in craft activities. Images of gingerbread men and candy canes could be colored in or they could make beaded necklaces or bracelets. The translucence of the beads contrasting the black thread was an indication of the show we were about to watch. My daughter is a huge fan of this feature and can be found her the entire time prior to the show.

WP Presents!

A Very Electric Christmas is the story of a bird separated from his family that battles obstacles to be reunited. While his parents are in the warmth of New Orleans, this fledgling landed at the North Pole. Set in black is the stage, as the lights and music set the ambience and mood. Outlined in lights, the electroluminescent characters are perfectly choreographed. No words are spoken which is incredibly impressive because there are a couple of moments when young children became scared of the Rat King character because of how these elements are combined.

The music is stunning and can be considered its own character. While the show features holiday sounds we have grown to love and identify immediately, the show also includes a few modern songs. Who can resist dancing to a pop hit from Justin Timberlake?

What kept us enthralled was the simple use of lights to tell a story. And granted, it is probably very complicated what these performers do to make the lights do their magic; however, we see birds flying in the wind, worms leaping in the air and Christmas brighten through this amazing show.

At the conclusion of the show, the characters unmask themselves to the tune of “All I Want for Christmas.” After the show, the performers invited children to explore their costumes. Young children could touch the wires that held the lights, press buttons and ask questions. While this may demystify part of the show, it was really impressive how children could engage with the different characters.

WP Presents!

I have found that the Shea Stadium is the perfect size for my family. When my children find their seats they are not overwhelmed by the noise, the crowds or the employees. The theatrical experience has always been comfortable and inviting especially since I have a child that can become anxious. In fact, I have noticed that he is far more engaged in the performances at this location than in large-scale stadiums.

WP Presents! offers a wide range of shows that not only exposes new ideas of performance and artistic expression to my children but also my husband and I. As I sat in the audience, I could peek at my children to see them watching mesmerized. Another phenomenal experience at the WP Presents! that has expanded how my family sees and understands the world.

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