30+ Ways to Have Fun Outdoors This Winter

It is easy to forget in the cold winter months in New Jersey that there are many opportunities to have fun outdoors. We tend to huddle in the warmth of our home, sipping hot chocolate staring out the window at a fresh blanket of snow. Most of us tend to debate the ritual of arming ourselves in layers of clothing to shovel or go outdoors. However, there is significant gains in getting outside for fresh air. In fact, in a lot of cold weather countries, children still play outside even in what we consider freezing temperatures. If you are struggling to find some activities for the kids, the family or even yourself here are some suggestions of experiences that renew the fun that can be had outdoors this winter.

Mommy University Presents

30+ Ways to Have Fun Outdoors this Winter

1.  Throw Snowballs

2.   Skate on Ice

3.  Go Sledding

4.  Make Snow Angels

5.  Erupt a Snow Volcano

Snow Volcano

6.  Enjoy Snow Tubing

7.  Visit a Nature Center

8.  Attempt Snowboarding

9.  Construct an Igloo

10. Paint Snow


11. Reel in some fish while Ice Fishing

12. Build a Snowman

13. Go Skiing

14. Take a Nature Walk

15. Relax while Snow Shoeing

Mommy University on Snowshoes at Smuggs

16. Visit a Zoo (which are usually very quiet)

17. Make Ice Suncatchers

18. Build a fire and make s’mores

19. Explore outdoors with a Scavenger Hunt

20. Learn about Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring in Chatham

21. Drink hot chocolate by a fire

22. Play Ice Hockey

23. Catch a snowflake on your tongue 

24. Admire outdoors on a snowmobile

25. Create ice sculptures

Ice Sculptures

26. Indulge in meditation

27. Prepare ice cream using snow

28. Blow bubbles (and watch them freeze)

29. Play tic tac toe in the snow

30. Experiment with Snow

The boys enhanced motor skills by using ice cream scoopers to add the snow to the cups.

31. Investigate animal tracks in the snow

32. Take a Tinkergarten class

33. Play football outside

Football in the Snow

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

What suggestions do you have to add to our growing list?

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