Christmas Celebration at Adventure Aquarium

Santa swims with the sharks…

Updated for 2017!

Holiday celebrations in the state of New Jersey are diverse! Holiday trains, choreographed holiday light displays, or the story time at the zoo, there are so many different options including the Annual Christmas Celebration at Adventure Aquarium which has been renamed Christmas Underwater in 2017! Located in Camden, this space is 200,000 square feet making it perfect for brain boosting fun throughout the entire year. It boasts a Shark Bridge, Nile hippos (Button and Genny), and the learning through play space The Kidzone. Children are having fun as they are engaged in a multi-sensory experience.

Prior to the close of our membership to Adventure Aquarium, visiting the Christmas Celebration was a mandatory requirement. I have heard whispers of how cool the aquarium is at this time of the year but nothing prepared us for how much fun the activities were going to be. Throughout the different spaces you will be greeted with white trees decorated in blue ornaments. The various festive touches in the aquarium inspired us to get excited for Christmas.

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Must Do Experiences at Adventure Aquarium

Engage with Scuba Diving Santa

Everyone knows that Santa can maneuver a sleigh but did you know that he can scuba dive? In fact, we found Scuba Santa hanging out in the Ocean Realm with several elves prior to the “I Believe in Scuba Santa” show. We arrived early so we took several photos at a relaxed pace with no individuals photo bombing. It was a spectacular interaction as he indicated to take photos as Hammerhead sharks swam by him.

Adventure Aquarium

Later in the day, we caught the “I Believe in Scuba Santa” show in the Ocean Realm Theater show. We waited ten minutes before the show to get a seat which I don’t recommend since we grabbed the last seats. An Elf talks about the skills needed to help Santa and afterwards every member in the audience can take photos with Santa or his Elves swimming.

Adventure Aquarium

Listen to a Christmas Story Time

Right outside the Ocean Realm, the Shark Touch Tank and the Ray Touch Tank, is a special story time led by one of Scuba Santa’s elves. There are a few times a day that children are read the tale of Scuba Santa and also learn how they can help take care of the planet. My son loved the props and afterwards had plenty of questions for the Elf which he patiently answered. At the end of the story, the Aquarium snows which helps add to the magic! In 2017, there is a NEW Elf Story time which is located at the Shark Den by the world’s tallest underwater Christmas tree.

Mail Letters to Scuba Santa

If you are encouraging your child to write, they can pen a letter to Scuba Santa and place in the special mailbox that will deliver letters to him. Letters placed in the mailbox in the Ocean Realm prior to December 22 will get a special message from Scuba Santa (just make sure to include a parent’s email address).

Adventure Aquarium

Say Hello to the Little Blue Penguins

Technically, visiting the Little Blue Penguins is not part of the Christmas Celebration but they are utterly delightful. A new addition in 2016, they now have a Kookaburra bird as their neighbor from their native Australia. If you arrive early in the day, I recommend stopping here first and watch the feeding time. It is amazing how the light makes their feathers shimmer blue as they swim.

Adventure Aquarium

The Christmas Celebration runs from December 3-30 and is included free with general admission. We recommend checking the calendar prior to attending or picking up a schedule when you arrive as the times vary; however, each experience was a wonderful time for my family. You can watch our video for a preview of what you might be able to see and do at the Christmas Celebration.

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