Brain Boosting Alternatives to Halloween Candy

There are so many food allergies and aversions these days that Halloween has become difficult for kids and parents. As the little ghosts and goblins make their way around the neighborhood, they happily fill their buckets with yummy treats; however, the sad reality is that many kids can’t eat half of what they collect. This Halloween, why not hand out an alternative? Give out something that not only everyone can enjoy, but can also offer a fun learning experience.

Whether it’s peanuts, gluten or anything in between, kids can’t eat all the candy handed out on Halloween or at school parties, but kids can play with toys and use fun art supplies. To make it easier to come up some alternatives to candy, I put together a list of ideas. I have included Amazon affiliate links to make your shopping experience easier! These ideas are great for Halloween night, Trunk or Treats and school parties. They even work for birthday party favors!

Brain Boosting Alternatives to Candy


One of my son’s favorite activities is to play with play-doh. This Halloween pick up a bag of mini play-doh cans. You can get them in a bag of 80 or 15 fun sized cans.


Kids love stamps (even if parents don’t). They are great for sparking creativity and encouraging kids to delve into the world of art. Rhode Island Novelty sells a bag of 50 mini stamps for under $9!


Many people don’t realize that bubbles are amazing learning tools for kids! They help enhance language, fine motor and visual skills. This Halloween, hand out mini bubbles instead of candy. The kids will love it!

Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are a fun alternative to candy as they enhance fine motor and problem solving skills. They also spark the imagination. Plus, kids can put their stix together and create giant designs as a team.


All kids can use crayons! You can purchase small boxes of crayons to hand out at your door, from your trunk at a Trunk or Treat or at the school party. They are also a great alternative for teachers. For a party, they can be given out along with a small coloring page or book.

Finger Lights

Not only do kids love finger lights, they are also great for lighting the way on Halloween night. Kids can place them on one or all 10 fingers as they walk around the neighborhood. They also spark creativity!

What alternatives do you like to give out on Halloween?


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