Putting the Fun in Function

In full disclosure, we were provided this item in exchange for our honest review.  The opinions expressed belong to Mommy University.

Children with special needs don’t carry signs of where they struggle. It is not easy for them to articulate solutions to obstacles they face. The world of special education is complex with no one solution that works for all but thankfully with companies like Fun & Function there doesn’t have to be one solution. There are tools to meet the various needs which demonstrates that, yes, we are different and that is okay.

What I personally love is that the tools Fun & Function have designed are to not appear like “tools” but rather integrate into a child’s life and most times are embodying the philosophy of learning through play. I was thrilled to review two items  from their vast catalog to try out and review: Wiggle Cushion and Dog Tag Chewie.

Wiggle Cushion

Children who struggle to sit still can benefit from the Wiggle Cushion. Some children lack focus when they fidget in their seat and seek sensory input. When my son attended daycare, the teacher often complained that he couldn’t sit still for thirty minutes ,and while that statement itself has legitimate problems, he honestly couldn’t sit still for five minutes. Years later he still struggles to stay seated and, while there has been much improvement, I was thrilled to review the Wiggle Cushion.

Fun & Function

Fun & Function has many choices for cushions as well as weighted lap blankets for children that need that sensory input. It arrives packaged in a box and just needs a little air to inflate. It took me less than a minute to blow air into the cushion (and I am not someone who can blow up balloons). Children can sit on the bumpy side of the cushion if they want more input or the smooth side which feels very similar to a ball chair. Children can also put the cushion on the floor and stand on it.

Fun & Function

My son was very excited to test this product. His favorite use of this toy is not actually on the chair but on the floor. He enjoys standing on the Wiggle Cushion and practicing his balance. He may not realize that is what he is doing, rather he just sees this as a fun activity. He is building core muscles strength while having fun!

Fun & Function

The Wiggle Cushion is priced at $29.99 at Fun & Function website.

Dog Tag Chewie

I knew that babies learned so much especially when they put objects in their mouths. This time period, however, is supposed to be short as they grow and the other senses improve yet with my son it never stopped. While we are unclear the root of this behavior, debating it doesn’t stop it from happening. My son’s teachers had told me he keeps putting objects in his mouth, and this past summer we witnessed it firsthand. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to review the Dog Tag Chewie.

Fun & Fuction

Fun & Function has lots of chew necklaces on their website. This is important to know because it is better to chew on the silicone charms than inappropriate objects. Parents of special needs children know this because when your child doesn’t discriminate what they put in their mouths, they are exposing themselves to not only germs and increasing chances to get ill but also risking their safety.   have caught my son chewing on his toys when we watch movies and the constant prompting, redirection and conversations have not stopped it.

Within the catalog, there are necklaces that are fashionable for mom or child as well as necklaces with a dolphin or shark. However, most times when I have seen chew necklaces they had a great look for younger children but as my son is entering PreK and appears older, I wanted a necklace that blended with his personal style. The Dog Tag Chewie is designed for children ages five and older. It comes on a nickel necklace but the tags are grey and army green so they look great with most of my son’s clothes.

After I explained how he can use the necklace, his response was, “I can chew when I want? Thank you, Mommy.” Finally, instead of telling my son all the things he couldn’t chew we now have a solution. He still needs oral sensory input and now I am able to provide him with the appropriate and stylish option which he brings with him when we travel and going to school.

Fun & Function

The Dog Tag Chewie is priced at $19.99 on Fun & Function.

I invite you to look at Fun & Function which offers toys and tools that can meet the needs of your child. The website offers Therapists Picks as well as suggested solutions based on concern or need. The price range is affordable which is important because it is easy to get overwhelmed with the cost of recommended tools. As well, you can reach out to them if you have questions about products. Lastly, the videos explain each of the Fun & Function toys which I found extremely helpful as I perused the catalog. This company understands from a parental and a therapeutic standpoint that it is okay to be different and celebrates how each child is unique.

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